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Spyware and Malware Detection

Spyware and malware have long been used as tools for digital criminals to steal vital information. Let Secure Forensics trace the source and help catch who is responsible.

Spyware Malware Detection Services

What is Spyware and Malware?

Spyware and malware are malicious types of computer software that enable cyber criminals to infiltrate a digital system typically to steal vital personal information for illegal purposes. Fortunately, Secure Forensics employs digital forensics investigators who are well-trained in spyware detection.

Once spyware and malware infiltrate your computer, mobile phone or other digital device, it can result in devastating personal and financial consequences. This software can steal all the information from your phone and spy on you.

Signs Your Device May Have Been Infected.

There are specific manifestations that indicate a mobile phone or computer may have been invaded by spyware or malware.

Operators of mobile phones should be on the lookout for symptoms like such as:

    • Unusually Weak Battery
    • Unexplained Interference
    • Receiving Unwanted or Strange Messages
    • Someone Gaining Knowledge of Schedule or Personal Activities

    If your computer or other digital device is infiltrated here are the symptoms:

    • Repeated or Unexplained Pop Ups
    • System is Unusually Slow
    • Applications Close Unexpectedly
    • Disappearance of Documents
    • Unusual Behavior or Movement of Files

    If you believe you are a victim of spyware or malware infection then the results can be catastrophic. Not only can these applications control every program and your camera, but it is the equivalent of someone spying on you everyday and uncovering intimate details about you.

    We Can Show You What Information Was Compromised.

    The digital forensics investigators employed by Secure Forensics possess many years of experience detecting and eliminating spyware from various technological devices.

    Not only will our team members detect and remove this malicious software but will also provide a detailed report highlighting the specific type of spyware that invaded your system, as well as pinpointing when the infiltration occurred and what, if any, personal data was compromised as a result. This information could prove critical to initiating legal action against a suspected cyber criminal. A Secure Forensics spyware investigation report is legally admissible as evidence in criminal court proceedings.

    Should you suspect your phone or computer has been intruded by spyware or malware, speed if of the essence. Failure to detect and correct the problem quickly could be life-altering. Secure Forensics is here to help. Please contact us today at 1-800-288-1407.

    Frequently Asked Questions About Spyware & Malware Detection and Investigation

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