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Certified EU-US Privacy Shield Forensics

Secure Forensics holds an EU-US Privacy Shield Certification providing an extra layer for chain of custody. This further makes sure your privacy remains a priority.

Privacy Shield Framework Certified Company

Secure Forensics Is EU-US Privacy Shield Certified

Secure Forensics, one of North America’s leading providers of computer and digital forensics, as well as other services including data recovery has been bestowed as a EU-US Privacy Shield Certified. Certification means that our company is continually improving upon our already high data security standards. Maintaining this recognition requires frequent third party reviews from industry experts as well as an audit.

What does EU-US Privacy Shield Mean?

The EU-US Privacy Shield is a specific protocol established by the US Department of Commerce and the European Commission as a means of establishing and governing appropriate methods by which the collected data can legally be transported from the US to nations within the European Union. This means that any of our international clients can rest assured that their forensics report is safe and will only be transported to them with appropriate security that has been vetted by not only the United States but by the European union as well.

Benefits of Forensics complying with EU-US Privacy Shield

Receiving such recognition offers the customers who utilize a recognized company’s services the knowledge that all their information will be managed in accordance with internationally-accepted industry standards that are overseen by major United States government and internationally-recognized bodies.

There are many different types of forensic disciplines our experts utilize to retrieve data. EU-US Privacy Shield protocols are strictly observed when undertaking endeavors including but not limited to:

  • Computer Forensics
  • Digital Forensics
  • Mobile Forensics
  • Data Recovery
  • Many More

In addition to your data being recovered in a proper and efficient manner, all of retrieval work is completed in on-site offices or labs ensuring that the appropriate chains of custody are observed at all times and the information in question cannot be lost, tampered with, deleted or end up in the hands of someone not legally authorized to view it.


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