Thousands of Linksys Routers Supposedly Leaked Confidential Information Online

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Thousands of Linksys Devices Leave Users Vulnerable to Hacks Nearly 26,000 Linksys WiFi routers were sharing private user data online. So far, 33 devices that include the Max-Stream and Velop routers were exposing device connection histories. If the password for the router was changed, then the names of the devices, MAC addresses, and the operating systems of the users were … Read More

Do Antivirus Programs Keep You 100% Protected?

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Where Do Antivirus Programs Fit In Today? From the late 90s to the mid-2000s, antivirus programs seemed to be everywhere. Norton, McAfee, Avast, Kaspersky, and AVG to name a few. Apple Computers even used this as a marketing campaign against PCs to say that they did not need any additional antivirus programs. However, throughout the 2010s, cyber threats grew to … Read More

Instagram Influencers Information Included In A Exposed Data Base

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Exposed Instagram Data Breach Another exposed Instagram database leaked the information of another 50 million users. However, this time the information exposed also contained personally identifiable information like phone numbers and emails of Instagram Influencers. In the last year, Facebook has taken to writing on their official blog and has had various keynotes to describe their privacy goals. However, an … Read More

Unique Start-Up Connects Hackers With Businesses and Governments

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New Start-Up Connects Hackers With Businesses There is an old saying, “If you can’t beat them, pay them millions of dollars,” or something like that. It’s no surprise that corporations, governments, and other large entities are turning to hackers to help them combat the threats of the digital world. Within the last ten years, the term “data breach” has started … Read More

Online Messaging Apps Are Leading to Paranoia in Relationships

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Snapchat and Messaging App Paranoia Is Increasing A friend called me this past weekend with concerns that her boyfriend was cheating on her due to Snapchat’s Snap Score feature. Essentially, this score tallies up the number of Snapchats sent and received. So, why was my friend so worried that her boyfriend was not being faithful? My friend’s paranoia started when … Read More