Facebook Updates Privacy and Security Measures

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Facebook Privacy Settings

As the world of the internet continues to evolve, privacy continues to be a great concern amongst users worldwide. One of the obstacles, however, is how this concern is translated between the user and the providers of the services they use. Users like to have control over how their information is used, displayed, and stored, especially in the over-sharing culture … Read More

2019 Year in Review for Ransomware

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2019 Ransomware Year in Review

As evidence shows, 2019 was a busy year for cyber criminals. Across the country, ransomware attacks are rising. Most recently, schools, hospitals, and local governments have fallen victim to ransomware attacks. State governments have been largely affected by widespread attacks, with nearly 1,000 reports documented in cities nationwide. In some cases, damage rates have surpassed cities’ insurance coverage rates and … Read More

“Ring” Doorbell and “Neighbors” App Cause Privacy Concerns

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Ring Doorbell Neighbors Expose Location

The popular video doorbell system, Ring, is one of many technological innovations that was created to make our lives easier and more secure. However, a recent study by Gizmodo found that these devices may not be protecting consumer privacy as they had promised. The company Ring is owned by Amazon and manufactures home security products like motion-detecting cameras and video … Read More

Internet Fraud Scam Receives Little Attention from Authorities

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Internet Fraud No Attention from Authorities

Internet crime is a growing problem around the world. Under the guise of a fake bank or legitimate agency, scammers can cause consumers to lose significant amounts of money in little time. In one recent case, an online scam cost a New York-based physician named Sergio Narvaez $200,000. After wiring the money to a fake bank in the United States, … Read More