Brazil Delays their GDPR Six Months due to ANDP Implementation

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Brazil Plans To Implement GDPR Regulations In July 2018, Brazil followed in the footsteps of the European Union’s (EU) General Data Protection Regulations, or GDPR for short. The scope of both laws includes various sectors of the economy. In a nutshell, regardless if a company is public or private, it is held accountable for mismanagement of customer data. Recently, however, … Read More

Smart Speakers Like Alexa and Google Home Might Pose Privacy Risks

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The Pros and Cons of Smart Speakers That Listen. With millions of Smart Speakers sold in the United States alone, secuirty concerns are rising. Regardless of how you choose to use your speaker, there are two things to remember. The first is that your speaker is always listening and second is that since they connect to your other smart devices, … Read More

Black Mirror Bandersnatch Star Bullied On Social Media

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Netflix Black Mirror Star Bullied on Twitter Actor Will Poulter of Netflix’s Black Mirror – Bandersnatch is taking a break from Twitter due to criticism from online bullies. The new Netflix show features Poulter as a video game designer with spikey blonde hair and glasses. His appearance elicited responses that insulted his looks. In his statement on social media to … Read More

Data Breach Affects Millions of Chinese Job Seekers

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Over 200 Million Job Applicants in China Have Resumé Information Exposed Searching for a job is difficult enough, but the threat of all of your personal information being leaked makes it worse. A data breach is exactly what happened for 200 million Chinese job seekers who hosted their information on the job site MongoDB. The database contained 854 gigabytes of … Read More