Average Ransomware Payment Increases Exponentially

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Cost of Ransomware Increases for Industries

Ransomware prevents access to critical systems or data until a ransom is paid. Anti-ransom software, a lifesaver for many businesses, protects against malicious cyber-attacks. Even clicking on an infected link, which is very easy to do, can cost companies downtime and revenue. In 2018, ransom attacks were the most common form of cybercrime and includes many high-profile attacks. In 2019, … Read More

Instagram Expands Policy on Banning Self-Harm Content

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Instagram Harmful Content Ban

Everything is not what it seems, especially in the world of the internet. Phishing attacks are emails or websites that appear to be legitimate but are fronts created by cybercriminals to steal your information. Victims are lured in by a link, attachment, or other plug-in and once you click, the security of your system is compromised. Cracking Down on Content … Read More

American Cancer Society Online Store Infected with Malware

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American Cancer Society Infected with Malware

Cybercriminals don’t discriminate when it comes to stealing credit card numbers, and the American Cancer Society is no exception. A group of cybercriminals known as Magecart created a malware code that was designed to steal credit card numbers from the American Cancer Society’s online store page. The page allowed customers to purchase t-shirts, books, greeting cards, and other products with … Read More