New iOS 13 Update Prevents Third Party Online Tracking

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Apple iOS Update Increases Security

The iOS 13 update comes out on Thursday the 17th and Apple has introduced several new features to increase security and overall user experience. After several incidents exposing privacy issues with both Facebook and Google, this update has taken charge to keep users from being tracked through their phones. Security Features With iOS 13 One of the features that is … Read More

Telegram Bug Allows Recovery of “Unsent” Messages

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Telegram Bug Lets Users Save "Unsent" Photos

The mobile messaging app, Telegram, recently announced that a fix to a nettlesome bug had been published on September 5. Security researcher Dhiraj Mishra found the problem while investigating Telegram’s MTProto protocol. The app has a feature that allows users to “unsend” messages that have been sent to others’ inboxes. This convenient mechanism allows users to retract messages that have … Read More

Foxit Data Breach Sign of Outdated Security

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Poor Security Led to Foxit Data Breach

It the eyes of a cybercriminal, data is currency. It’s the reason we have laws such as HIPAA, FERPA, the FCRA, and others that regulate the collection, use, storage, and disposal of personally identifiable information or PII during its life cycle. Today, just about everywhere you go you’re required to give up some of this information to make purchases, buy … Read More

Ransomware Revival in Q1 of 2019 Leads to Stolen Credentials

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Ransomware Revival in 2019 Exposes Personal Data

In 2019, ransomware is back and more destructive than ever. A report issued by McAfee states that now, cybercriminals are targeting weak IoT devices. This allows them to extract tremendous amounts of information from companies. In just one quarter of 2019, cybercriminals gained access to over 2.2 billion accounts. They extracted personal and corporate information as a result. The attacks … Read More

Financial Fraud and Secure Payment Methods

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Financial Fraud Statistics and Secure Payment Methods

While payment methods have become more convenient with debit cards and online banking, the risk for financial fraud has also increased. One piece of personal information can be the entry point for a cyber criminal to access all of your funds. Recent studies show that account takeovers account for half of the online banking fraud, while the other half is … Read More