Most Impactful Cybersecurity Threats of 2019 So Far

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cybersecurity threats 2019

Dozens of cyber security threats are reported annually. Some are more harmful and destructive than others. In the first half of 2019 alone, there have been numerous cybersecurity issues involving data breaches, viruses, and hacking campaigns. With government security still questionable, global geopolitical tensions, and weaknesses in corporate security, many risks are undoubtedly to come. Here’s the “worst of the … Read More

Privacy Problem: Linking the #10YearChallenge and FaceApp

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face recognition app hinders privacy

The rising popularity of FaceApp may seem like a harmless way to see your future self, but the privacy issues are hardly worth the risk. While the latest controversy sparks concern over Russia, the problem does not lie within one endpoint, but where your personal information is sent after reaching that endpoint. Biometric indicators like facial recognition gain something unique … Read More

Facebook Uses Tool to Track itself on Social Media

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Facebook Stormchaser tracking

If the saying “fight fire with fire” applied to the software industry, Facebook and Stormtracker, its own software, would be a prime example. The world-famous social media company created the special software to help track and stop viruses and misinformation from being broadcast over the web. Stormchaser is a special tool designed to track memes (internet sayings that are usually … Read More

Maryland Adds Cybersecurity Team to Battle Ransomware Attacks

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Ransomware Maryland

Many state government officials are looking at laws to strengthen the defense against cyber warfare. Maryland is the latest state to be affected by ransomware, which is a new virus that holds a victim hostage by threatening to publish their data unless ransom is paid. Maryland’s new law aims to protect government networks from these types of attacks, but why … Read More