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HIPAA Violations Forensics

Chances are if a HIPAA violation occurred you may be experiencing a medical data breach as well. Our forensics team can help you identify what needs to be done before any liabilities are incurred.

HIPAA Violations Forensic Investigation

If a HIPAA violation occurs do you require digital forensics?

HIPAA violations can be the first sign that a medical data breach is going to occur. If a HIPAA violation occurs you require a forensics investigation to uncover the source of the violation. If a regulatory agency like HHS/OCR investigates your entity it will ask for the root cause of the issue and documentation. Do not let yourself be unprepared. contact Secure Forensics for a thorough forensics report of the HIPAA violation.

We provide a report with the following:

  • Source of HIPAA Violation
  • Itemized Security Issues that Need to be Addressed
  • Reduce Window of Liability
  • What PHI Was Accessed

Secure Forensics Has You Covered.

Medical data breaches and HIPAA Violations are a serious concern.

If you believe this has occurred you probably have several questions including:

    Once we have determined that a breach occurred, Secure Forensics investigators will confiscate any suspected device (computer, cell phone, etc.) and conduct a thorough examination to determine how and when the breach occurred.

    The Premier Experts for Investigating HIPAA Violations and Medical Data Breaches

    Secure Forensics has more than 50 locations across North America, employs a collection of experienced forensics experts, data analysts, software engineers, and private investigators who can help to resolve your medical data breach case onsite or inside our state-of-the-art, above industry standard laboratories. Submit your case to us today. Give us a call at 800-288-1407 and start mitigating your breach or violation.


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