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Medical Data Breach Forensics

Medical breaches are not only costly but illegal. Let Secure Forensics investigate to find the perpetrators and mitigate the damage.

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Medical Data Breach Forensics

Have you or the institution you represent experienced a medical data breach? A quick and effective response to such action is crucial. Secure Forensics, a leader in medical data breach forensics industry also oversees a private investigative division who works together with our medical breach forensics experts to examine and resolve medical breaches.

Here is some information our medical data breach forensics experts can identify when a medical data breach occurs:

  • Scope of the Medical Data Breach
  • What PHI Was Accessed
  • Identify Parties Involved
  • Identify What Method Was Used to Breach PHI
  • Identify a Timeline for the Medical Data Breach
  • Identify Security Vulnerabilities & Make Suggestions for Fixing These Vulnerabilities


HIPAA Violations occur everyday. Every time that a HIPAA Violation happens it opens up your institution or company up to costly liabilities.

No matter the scope of your medical data breach, Secure Forensics has an expert team that can help you identify the who, what, where, when and how. Armed with this information you can mitigate your medical data breach and follow through with the parties who were responsible. If you have experienced a medical data breach and need medical data breach forensics please don’t hesitate to give us a call at 800-288-1407

Frequently Asked Questions About Medical Data Breach Forensic Services

Below are answers and questions created specifically about our forensic services for medical data breaches.


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