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Insurance Claims Forensics

Secure Forensics’ expert team has years of experience handling insurance claims and fraud.

Insurance Claims Investigation

Secure Forensics specializes in computer forensics investigations for any insurance claims

Insurance claims (and workers’ compensation claims) are an ideal situation for utilizing the services of a computer forensic expert. Insurance claims involve contractual representations and conditions that may be grounds for denying or reducing substantial insurance benefit payments. Insurance fraud and misrepresentation are perennial problems that are financially detrimental to insurance companies and all policyholders.

Digital information relevant to an insurance claim may be found on any computer device used by a policyholder. A computer forensic investigation by Secure Forensics can provide evidence of insurance fraud or misrepresentation. Our investigations can also help determine whether the conditions for payment under a policy have been met.

Secure Forensics has the capacity to handle cases of any size and complexity

Equally important in hiring a computer forensic company is finding a company that has the capacity to comfortably handle the size and complexity of your case. Simple insurance claim cases can involve mere hundreds-of-pages worth of data. In contrast, complex insurance claim cases can involve huge amounts of data measured in the tens or hundreds of terabytes.

Secure forensics has an advantage in these situations due to the following:

Decades of Expert Court Testimony Insurance Claims

Forensics Investigators Have Decades of Expert Court Testimony Experience

Class 10 ISO 4 Cleanroom Forensics

Class 10 ISO 4 Clean Room

      Proprietary Technology for Insurance Claims Forensics


      Insurance Forensics Certifications

      Multiple Forensics Certifications

      Advanced Insurance Claims Forensic Equipment


      Up Front Insurance Forensic Pricing

      Upfront Easy to Understand Pricing

      Regardless of the size of your case, we always maintain close and continuous communications with our clients to ensure that your needs are being met (and exceeded) on a timely basis. Our customer service team is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Although we have the tools, equipment and facilities of a larger computer forensics company, we steadfastly adhere to an intimate approach to customer service and relations. We also have the nimbleness of a smaller computer forensics team so that we can quickly adjust and adapt to changing environments and new situations

      Damage Not In Crime But In The Cover Up

      Family law cases are almost always extremely emotionally charged. They also involve relatively unsophisticated parties who are unaccustomed to litigation. This is a recipe for misguided attempts to delete or destroy incriminating digital evidence such as damning text or email messages, questionable internet searches or browsing history, scandalous photos, and revealing contact lists.

      But digital information can rarely be made to completely disappear – particularly by persons who are not computer experts. Secure Forensics has the expertise, skills and tools to detect and prove when a party has attempted to engage in a digital cover up. Once the court is made aware of such a cover-up attempt, the party’s credibility is destroyed and can never be fully repaired.

      In addition to giving client proper instructions and warnings, a lawyer in a family law matter should immediately preserve the client’s data on all smartphones, email accounts, laptops and other computer devices. Secure Forensics can quickly preserve that data at a cost-effective rate and with minimal hassle. The last thing a lawyer wants to deal with is a client who has deleted or destroyed digital evidence. Moreover, we can put that digital data into a format that is easily reviewable by you, so that you know what your client has said, when it was said, by what method, and to whom.

      Frequently Asked Questions About Insurance Claims Investigation

      Below are answers and questions created specifically about our insurance claims forensics services.


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