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Infidelity Investigation

Infidelity in today’s world is largely a digital affair – so any forensics investigative services must definitively start there.

Infidelity Investigation

Infidelity Usually Starts in One Place

Cheating spouses find their partners online and/or use digital communications like cellphones, messages and email accounts to communicate with their partners. There may also be hidden bank accounts or credit cards. All of this creates a digital trail that can be uncovered by our experienced computer forensic experts. Of course, cheating spouses will try to cover their tracks by keeping digital information hidden or by deleting or wiping it. However, even where data is hidden, deleted or otherwise intentionally obscured, our computer forensic investigators have tools and methods to uncover such data.

Social media and infidelity go hand-in-hand. People tend to put their guard down when communicating through social media, assuming that all such communications are private and will never be uncovered later. This assumption is simply wrong. Social media accounts have proven infidelity in more than one marriage. Here are common signs that infidelity is going on:

Emotionally Distant Infidelity Forensics

Did they become emotionally distant?

Sign of Infidelity Attention to Looks

Extra close attention to looks or appearance?

      Angry Critical Cruel Signs of Infidelity Forensics

      Are they angry, critical, or even cruel at times?

      Sign of Infidelity Defensive When Questioned

      Are they defensive when you ask questions?

      Complaining About Controlling Sign of Infidelity

      Do they complain about you being controlling?

      Sign of Infidelity Need for Privacy

      Do they need more privacy?

      Spending Extra Time At Work Sign of Infidelity

      Spending more time at work or at work related functions?

      Sign of Infidelity Change in Sex Life

      Is there a change in your sex life?

      What Types of Devices do you Commonly Analyze?

      At Secure Forensics, our forensics examiners can utilize digital forensics to find out if you are a victim of infidelity. We are certified by all major forensics software and have knowledge of finding the information you are looking for, even if it is deleted or the media has been physically damaged. Here are some common devices that we can analyze for evidence of infidelity:

      Analyze Computers for Infidelity


      Forensically Analyze Tablets for Divorce


          Analyze Laptops for Divorce


          Forensically Analyze Social Media Infidelity

          Social Media

          Forensically Analyze Cell Phones Infidelity

          Cell Phones

          Forensically Analyze Email in Divorce


          Forensically Analyze iPads for Infidelity


          Forensically Analyze Messaging Apps for Divorce

          Messaging Apps

          In Any Infidelity Investigation You Need a Computer Forensic Expert.

          Don’t let the cheaters win. Our digital forensics examiners will search all forms of communication to get you proof that infidelity occurred. Forensic Infidelity investigations are usually a multi step process. Our forensics examiners collect the devices, preserve the devices, analyze the devices, then get you a forensic report that is verifiable. With this report you will get a full picture and timeline if infidelity occurred. Sometimes, a spouse’s suspicions of infidelity are not supported by any digital evidence. The lack of such evidence may be a huge relief to the spouse whose suspicions are unfounded. Either way, you need a computer forensic expert whose investigation results you can trust. Secure Forensics is an industry leading expert with affordable rates.

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