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Remote Forensics

Do you have a digital forensics case where your evidence can’t leave the premises?

Remote Digital Forensics

When Is Remote Forensics Necessary?

We understand that there are some situations where evidence can’t be moved or an on site digital forensics investigator is not allowed on premises.

Some of these types of scenarios include:

Hardware No Access Forensics

Hardware Is Not Easily Accessible

      Cost Effective Forensics

      On Site Forensics Is Cost Prohibitive

      Time Sensitive Forensics

      Time Sensitive Issue/Case Where Travel Is Not An Option

      Restricted Access Forensics

      Any Scene With Restricted Physical Access

      What Types of Forensics Services Do You Offer Remotely?

      We can provide our clients the same capabilities over an internet connection that we can in person. This is convenient for many of our clients.

      Our remote forensics services can:

      Remote Digital Evidence Collection

      Provide Common Digital Evidence Collection

      Remote Chat Recovery Forensics

      Chat Recovery

          Remote Forensic Imaging

          Perform Forensic

          Remote Messaging Analysis Forensics

          Messaging Analysis

          Remote Logical Evidence Collection

          Logical Evidence

          Extract Metadata Forensics

          Extract Metadata

          Remote Email Recovery Analysis Forensics

          Email Recovery
          and Analysis

          Remote Keyword Searching Forensics

          Keyword Searching

          Secure Forensics has decades of experience performing remote forensics. We understand your needs and will meet and exceed them with our remote forensics services.

          Frequently Asked Questions About Remote Forensics

          Below are answers and questions created specifically about our remote digital forensics services.

          Our remote forensics services work over any network and we use existing tools to make sure you have a comprehensive, fast, and secure forensics report available to you. This allows us to get your time sensitive forensics case completed in time. If you are interested in our remote forensics service please give us a call at 800-288-1407 to see how we can help.


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