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Data Breach Forensics & Data Breach Incident Response

Regardless if you are a personal computer user, business or governmental agency, you can be susceptible to a data breach due to a hacker, past employee or anyone else who has had access to your information. We are here to help.

Data Breach Incident Response

      Secure Forensics has a team of experts to help you recover from a data breach. What is a data breach and will one occur? A data breach occurs when protected, confidential, or sensitive data has been accessed was released unauthorized. It’s not a matter of if a data breach will occur, it’s a matter of when. It can happen to anyone, luckily Secure Forensics’ data breach response team can not only track down who is responsible and what was accessed, but can also mitigate any damage that might have occurred.

      Data Breach Investigations & Consumer Response Services include:

          Data Breach Assessment Investigation

          Data Breach
          Assessment & Investigation

              Incident Response Management Forensics

              Incident Response
              Management & Forensics

              Breach Notification Documentation

              Breach Notification &

              Data Breach Prevention Consulting

              Data Breach
              Prevention Consulting

              We serve clients across a scope of industries that can be affected by a data breach. These industries include healthcare, finance, higher education institutions, all the way to personal computer users and everyone in between. Secure Forensics provides fast data breach incident response to mitigate and manage the data breach. Furthermore, our team has decades of experience in dealing with data breaches and can also assess your system to stop future data breaches from occurring.

                  Our Data Breach Response Services Include:

                    Stop Data Breach

                    Ending the Data Breach

                    Assess the affected system or systems and stopping the data breach if it is still ongoing.

                    Data Breach Investigation Analysis

                    Data Breach Investigation & Analysis

                    An investigation into where the breach started and who was responsible, when the breach happened, who was affected by a data breach and the scope of the breach.

                    Data Breach Prevention Mitigation

                    Data Breach Prevention and Mitigation

                    Elimination of the exploited systems, then we’ll work with the affected users to prevent it from happening again and stop hacker penetration into various systems.

                    It does not matter the size of the breach or the type of industry the breach occurred to. Secure Forensics has the resources, software, and team to assist you.


                    Frequently Asked Questions About Computer Forensics

                    Below are answers and questions created specifically about our computer forensics services.

                    The after effects of a data breach have a wide scope and involve many stakeholders that include lawyers, customers, management and more. In fact, a breach can put you out of businesses for days, years or forever. The faster you respond to one the better chance you have to prevent long-lasting damages. How can you prevent damage and stay ahead of a breach? By creating a plan of action ahead of time which means a smoother process that ensures the breach can be stopped as soon as possible. One step of the plan should be having a data breach service’s contact ready when you need it and the logical choice is Secure Forensics. Our team is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year for a rapid emergency response.


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