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Computer Forensics

The industry leading experts at SecureForensics keep abreast of the latest innovations, features, developments and tools in computer forensics and technology.

Computer Forensics

Not every case has a “smoking gun,” but if one exists can you afford to miss it?

Lawsuits can be won or lost based on computer data – not just the underlying data (i.e., content), but also metadata and other digital artifacts.

With a computer forensic examination by the certified experts at SecureForensics, you can prove facts such as:

Who Accessed Files

Who? What? Where?

Who accessed a particular computer file or program? Where did the access take place? From which computer or device?

Connected Devices Forensic Investigation

All Connected Devices

What external storage devices were connected to a computer? On what date and time?

      Metadata File Forensics

      All Metadata Details

      When was a computer file created, opened, modified, copied, printed, saved, or deleted? By what method? By which user?

      Browsed Websites Searches Forensic Investigation

      Browsed Websites & Searches

      Which websites did a user browse? What searches did the user perform using specific browser?

      Data Transfer Activity

      All Data Transfer Activity

      How was computer data accessed, stored, transferred, migrated, copied, and/or deleted and disposed of?

      Detect Attempts to Hide Digital Evidence

      Detect Attempts to Hide Evidence

      Were any computer programs run by the user in an attempt to hide his or her tracks and eveidence?

      The judicial admissibility of digital evidence is always at the forefront of our minds.

      They say “a picture is worth a thousand words.” The same analogy can be applied to computer data. As computer technology and applications become more integrated into our daily business and personal lives, we leave a continuous trail of digital information (or “artifacts’) that can tell a powerful and convincing story in the courtroom.

      Like technology itself, the capabilities of computer forensics are rapidly expanding. In selecting a computer forensic expert, it is imperative that you choose an expert that is up to date on the latest advances in this rapidly changing industry.

      We provide you with everything you need to win the battle over computer forensics.

      Like any other type of evidence, digital evidence must meet admissibility standards under federal and/or state rules to be introduced at trial. These standards include reliability and authenticity. SecureForensics works thoughtfully and deliberately to properly preserve the integrity of digital data, document the chain of custody, and ensure that digital evidence is admissible at trial whenever possible. Because we offer an end-to-end suite of integrated legal support services, SecureForensics can more effectively and accurately monitor, manage and document the processing of your computer data throughout its litigation lifecycle.

      Our end-to-end suite of computer forensic services includes:

      Data Recovery and File Repair Services

      Recovery & Repair

      We recover and repair damaged hidden and deleted data.

          Computer Forensics Consulting Investigation

          Consulting & Investigation

          We provide expert consulting, investigation and analysis.

          Health Insurance Billing Fraud Investigation

          Expert witness

          Expert witness reports, affidavits, & testimony in court.

          Data Destruction Deletion Verification

          Data Destruction Verification

          We verify data destruction and device disposal.

          In today’s litigation, the party with superior access to computer forensic expertise has the significant upper hand – oftentimes, it is indispensable to obtaining a favorable case outcome. Don’t risk your case with an inferior computer forensic expert. With SecureForensics’ complete and comprehensive suite of services and product offerings, you can leverage computer forensics, technology and data in your favor.

          Because we offer a comprehensive range of litigation support services, we can service your computer forensic and e-discovery needs more efficiently, effectively, and conveniently.

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