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Computer Forensic Service in West Virginia

Secure Forensics offers the state of West Virginia digital, computer, legal and mobile forensic services to best aid any of their legal battles. Why would you need our services? A digital forensic investigation is becoming a key component to any civil or criminal case. In fact, judges are now requiring that there be digital evidence that can back any of the claims made in court. For the best advantage in your case, choosing Secure Forensics for your legal battles is the right choice. We have digital forensic examiners with decades of experience in computer forensics and law enforcement, plus, we are certified in all leading digital forensic software for fast results to any situation.

Featured Services

With our decades of experience, we can handle any complex legal case and provide answers. What makes the answers we provide unique? Through a digital forensics process, we’ll identify the devices in question, collect the information, preserve the information by making a forensic image of the media then analyze the data. Once the data is analyzed we write a report to make sense of the technical jargon that paints the picture of someone’s true character. These answers are the way to winning your case since we can more times than not find the information that was thought to be hidden or deleted. We can work with personal computer users, businesses and government agencies alike on a variety of cases like network data breaches, cheating spouses, disgruntled employees and everything in between. Our other featured services include:


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Serving West Virginia’s Digital Forensic Needs


West Virginia is located in the Appalachian region of the Southern United States and has a population near 1.9 million people. Secure Forensics provides the residents and the businesses of the state with industry leading computer forensic services. What makes West Virginia unique is the rich role the state has played in the history of the country and the Civil War. In the state alone, exports of its resources, mainly including coal, has exceeded 3 billion dollars. West Virginia’s economy is also boosted by the growing number of tourists who visit annually, their health care system and many other private employers. Secure Forensics can handle any of the litigation needs that any resident, businesses or agency might face. It’s not a matter of if you’ll need a computer forensic investigation, it is a matter of when.


Common Services We Provide West Virginia:

  • Remote Forensic Services - We can provide or computer forensic services remotely for when your devices cannot be sent to us.
  • On-Site Forensic Services - Our digital forensic investigators will travel to you when media and devices cannot be sent to us. This is important for data breach response cases
  • Mobile Forensic Services - We can examine and collect information stored on mobile devices by using the industry-leading mobile forensic software.
  • In - Lab Forensic Services - Submitting your media to us to perform diagnostics and digital forensics in our ISO 4 Class 10 Cleanroom
  • Many More

Most Certified Computer Forensic Service in West Virginia

Why do computer forensic certifications matter? They establish the foundation for trust not only with our clients but with courtrooms, too. Our certifications act as a promise that the services we provide are done ethically and legally. If someone chooses a forensic service that is not certified there is a major risk of your information being inadmissible in court due to tampering, damage and not proper extraction and collection. This can leave you disadvantaged with winning your case which results in loss of your time and money. With Secure Forensics you can feel confident knowing that the report provided to you can’t be cross-examined and will give you the best ability to win your case.


Our certifications include:

  • X-Ways Forensic Software - Allows for extraction and collection of evidence within six hours or less. This software is used on a variety of digital and mobile devices.
  • AccessData Software - The Forensics Toolkit allows us to quickly analyze and extract the information stored on devices. It finds the data which is hidden within devices.
  • EnCase Software - Guidance Software has created EnCase, a software solution that is the most trusted in courts and can extract information from 25 different types of devices.
  • High Tech Crime Consortium (HTCC) Member - This connects us with a global network of other digital forensic experts to provide us with information and suggestions
  • International Association of Computer Investigative Specialists (IACIS) - This third party certifies us as experts in the computer forensic software we use.
  • Many more

Contact Us Today:

You can contact us today for a free phone consultation at (800) 288-1407. The longer you wait to start a digital forensic investigation the more chances there are for digital evidence to degrade. We can provide West Virginia the computer forensic solutions they need to give you the best chance to win any litigation battle you are facing.