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    Secure Forensics in West Berlin, New Jersey, provides digital, mobile and legal forensic services to the area. Litigation processes are easier thanks to our digital, mobile and legal forensic services. Our mobile phone forensics can recover and analyze information that you believed to be lost. Couple that with our digital and computer forensics services and we can get you the evidence you need to assist in any litigation you may be involved in. We can help in any case, whether it is a cheating spouse in a divorce or the theft of trade secrets, or anything in between.
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    Authorized Partner Location Since our LABs may not be located near you we have teamed up and trained retail partner locations to help get the process started. An authorized partner is a vetted and staffed technical retail store trained to intake and process your device to be sent to one of our certified labs. This location provides media removal assistance, on-demand initial diagnostics as well as professional packaging and shipping service.

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Secure Forensics in West Berlin, New Jersey, provides digital, mobile and legal forensic services to the area. Litigation processes are easier thanks to our team with their decades of experience. Not only easier, but time efficient and cost effective, too. Our digital forensic process finds information traditional investigations miss We cover a breadth of cases including cyberbullying, custody battles and pinpoint the theft of intellectual property and everything in between. Our digital forensics process includes identifying the information and devices, collecting the data, preserving it, then analyzing it. Our digital forensic expert uses the information to provide you with a forensics admissible report that can hold up in cross examination of any court.


For those in West Berlin that need information analyzed and prepared for legal cases Secure Forensics is here to help. Since digital forensics is based upon science it will always be admissible and can not be cross examined.


Sometimes residents and businesses in West Berlin require a licensed private investigator. Do you think your spouse is cheating? Is a potential employee lying about their past? Have you been a victim of fraud?


Data breaches are on the rise in West Berlin New Jersey and nationwide. Have you experienced a data breach? What are your next steps to mitigate the scope of the data breach and find the responsible parties?

Digital Forensics Service Located in West Berlin, New Jersey.


West Berlin New Jersey is home to one of the most unique theme parks, Diggerland, a theme park based around using construction vehicles, with the main economy being tourism and a population around 8,000. It’s only normal for West Berlin area residents to require digital and computer forensic services. Fortunately we have the expertise, tools, and knowledge to not only get you the evidence you need from a digital investigation, but also make sure it stands up in court. Our forensics investigators can also provide expert witness testimony that will stand up in court.


Common digital and legal forensic cases we can help:

  • Disgruntled employees
  • Remote access abilities when you can’t send data to us
  • Theft of trade secrets
  • Divorce and custody battles
  • Employee contracts
  • Remote abilities
  • On-site access
  • Many more

When you are in any legal battle, the quicker it is over, the better. Since we are the most certified and most experience in computer forensics, the reports we provide judges with the evidence we find cannot be cross-examined. In addition to our certifications showing that collect information legally, it also shows that we are experts in the industry-leading computer forensic software.


We hold the most certifications out of any digital forensics firm, these include:

  • X-Ways Certified Forensic Examiners
  • Member of the High Tech Crime Consortium
  • IACIS Certified Forensic Examiners
  • Cellebrite Physical Analyst Certified Forensic Examiners
  • Only firm to have SSAE 18 SOC 1,2, & 3 certification for data security
  • TRUSTe Verified
  • Many more

West Berlin’s businesses, residents and the public sector can feel confident knowing that we are experts in computer forensics and will provide them with the highest quality of service. Contact us today at (800) 288-1407 and see for yourself why we have an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau and have been ranked at #1 by Business.com for the last eight years.