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Secure Forensics has been providing digital, computer, and mobile forensics for Alabama since 2013 through our office in Birmingham. Computer forensics can be the difference between winning or losing a criminal or civil case and is important If you are dealing with divorce, intellectual property theft and everything in between. If you are in the midst of a dilemma which requires the investigation into a slanderous employee, unfaithful spouse, online harassment and more, then our Alabama Secure Forensics specialists can help.

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Featured Services

Our Secure Forensics office in Alabama offers our clients industry-leading services that fit their needs. Why would you need to employ a digital forensic service? It’s due to the fact that traditional investigations cannot retrieve as much information as a digital investigation for several reasons: Limited technology resources, limited staff, limited knowledge of a digital investigation and limited time. For example, you might need our services when going through a divorce. In Alabama, divorce is not a 50/50 deal, and assets can be divided on what the court rules as fair, but that does not mean equally. A digital forensic investigation can offer valuable insight into the spouse in question and examine online behaviors to give you results you’ll need to win. While we work on divorces and custody battles, our services are not pigeonholed, we offer a wide range from working on cyberbullying cases to assisting with theft of trade secrets and whistleblowers at government and corporation levels. In addition, each service is flexible and we adapt to your needs and your timeline. These services include:


Are you in the state of This shortcode only works on location pages. and in need of forensic services to analyze information and prepare for a legal case? Digital forensics has always been based on science and is admissible and will stand up in any court in This shortcode only works on location pages..


Residents in the state of This shortcode only works on location pages. often require a licensed private investigator. Is your spouse cheating? Do you believe an employee is actively engaging in fraud and slandering your good name?


Data Breaches are becoming more common in the state of This shortcode only works on location pages. and nationwide. Do you suspect you or your company has experienced a data breach? Do you have a plan to mitigate the scope of the data breach and track down the responsible party?

Alabama is an agricultural powerhouse and growing economy


For years Alabama has held it’s rightful position as being a state with a booming agricultural economy and valued in the billions but it’s other industries, specifically the automotive industry help its continual growth. Alabama has a population close to five million people, with Birmingham being the largest city. In addition to the agricultural and automotive industries, Alabama is also considered to be the most religious state in the country. We are flexible and skilled enough that we can work with any type of industry and business, plus any individual in their cases. With our commitment and persistence to each case, we don’t leave any stone unturned.


Common Services we provide:


  • Insurance claims - Often complicated and with hundreds of pages, our team can help you make sense of the information there and gather the evidence for any case
  • Mobile Phone Forensic Services - We can retrieve data off of any device which can be critical in the outcome of a dispute
  • Slanderous Employees - We’ll help find and document the online actions of a disgruntled employee
  • Infidelity investigation - Collection of the devices and examination of line communication services which could reveal unfaithful spousal behaviors
  • Data breaches - Help with establishing when the breach occurred, what was taken and who took it.
  • Many more

A Computer and Digital Forensics Firm You Can Trust


What someone does on the computer or with their devices can offer valuable insight into their character as a person, this is why we’ll obtain the evidence from personal devices. Computer and digital forensics is a science, one which requires extracting the information that is easily available or hidden on a device. Once we extract and analyze the evidence our team provides you with a report which will give you a legal advantage in court. Performing these tasks requires the proper certifications and training. We hold the most certifications out of any other digital forensics firm in Alabama.


These include:


  • SSAE 18 SOC 1,2, & 3 - the Only firm in the country to have this certification. Means our company performs forensic tasks meeting or exceeding industry standards
  • Member of High Tech Crime Consortium (HTCC) - Allows us to work with a global for of law enforcement who specializes in digital forensics
  • IACS Certification - To earn this certification, our team has to pass proficiency exercises to prove their mastery in the craft.
  • GSA Approved Contractor - We can work with any government and offer discounts on forensic services
  • Many more

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We work with the great state of Alabama to provide them with industry-leading digital and computer forensic services. Naturally, at some point if not already, our services will be required. We are ready to work with residents, businesses, agencies, and schools in Alabama and provide the services to help them in their civil and criminal cases. For a free phone consultation, call us today at (800) 288-1407.