Errant Texts Establish Lawyer’s Misconduct

Robert LilesIn The News

There are moments when a person faces the basest of their instincts. The image of an angel on one shoulder, a devil on the other is an apt picture of this test of wills. Many times one listens to their conscience and opts for the more civil and noble path. Other times, one gives into temptation and goes the opposite … Read More

UMass Amherst Investigates Racist Emails

Robert LilesCyber Bullying and Online Harassment

Universities have long been places meant to educate, to allow the free exchange of ideas, to provide a means for students to invest in their futures, and to provide a welcoming community. This is a period in many people’s lives to broaden their horizons, venture outside their comfort zones, and progress through a period of personal growth. Higher education can … Read More

Disgruntled Employees and Data Security

Robert LilesDigital Forensics Information

As any company knows, some of its former employees do not part ways on gracious or friendly terms. Some, in fact, leave with an ax to grind. What is worse for the businesses is that frequently these employees harbor these feelings before they leave the company and may act out in anticipation of their resignation or termination. This can be … Read More