New iOS 13 Update Prevents Third Party Online Tracking

Laura BednarCybersecurity and Vulnerabilities

Apple iOS Update Increases Security

The iOS 13 update comes out on Thursday the 17th and Apple has introduced several new features to increase security and overall user experience. After several incidents exposing privacy issues with both Facebook and Google, this update has taken charge to keep users from being tracked through their phones.

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Security Features With iOS 13

One of the features that is causing some waves notifies users when a third party app is attempting to track them through Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. These notifications will pop up on the screen and ask for user permission for the app to connect to your Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connection.

Another key feature is signing in to accounts and apps using your iPhone or iPad for authentication rather than using an email. It’s called “Sign in With Apple” and is similar to the idea of signing in using Facebook or Google, only there will be no online tracking after using your iOS device and Face ID for authentication.

Additionally, you can ask Apple to create a random email address for you to login that will forward information to your real address, keeping your identity safe from an app or service. Privacy goes a step further by blocking unknown callers from making your phone ring. Only numbers from your contacts or numbers found in your Mail or Messages will go through while all other calls go straight to voicemail. This can deter cyber criminals from documenting your phone number as a live target for future attacks.

Why the Need for Security?

Facebook works to gear ads toward users in any way they can, and have even gone so far as to pay people to allow them to monitor their online use. Using Bluetooth or Wi-Fi for location tracking would allow them to find who and what a user is in proximity to and further target their ads to entire groups of people based on their day to day habits.

Signing in with Facebook or Google, while convenient, allows another app or site to have access to your account including an email address. This leads as another entry point for companies to track you and send advertisements, and is also another means of access for hackers to obtain your personal data.

Ideal Features for New Systems

The iOS update will include several other features that are more aesthetic and entertaining such as:

  • Editing photos and videos through an app
  • Custom fonts inside apps
  • Memojis within Messages
  • Audio sharing between AirPods

While consumers have many updates to be excited about, the push for security is a welcome movement in the tech market today. Apple has continued to try and market themselves as more secure than Android and other competitors. Secure Forensics also puts privacy at the forefront of our operations with SSAE 18 Certification, a strict chain of custody, and TRUSTe Verification. If you are in need of mobile forensics or suspect your phone may be a victim of spyware, call 1-800-288-1407.