Why Online Infidelity is So Common

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Online Infidelity is More Common Than You Think

The internet has made the lives of cheaters around the world easier than ever before. For starters, there are apps and services that allow them to access multiple forms of transportation. This allows them to travel to various locations without their car being tracked, or, they can call a ride for the person they are having an affair with. Additionally, the internet provides a world of possibilities in terms of how to meet someone. From forums to dating apps, to social media, there is definitely no shortage of ways to meet people.

Why is internet infidelity so common then? It’s easy to do and easy to get away with. Loyalty in a relationship, no matter how good it might seem, can be put to the test during a long business trip, an old flame who adds your partner on social media, or a dating app which pushes its ad to download the app. Those who engage in this behavior do not view online infidelity as cheating since it is not physical. This is a term dubbed micro-cheating. Micro-cheating is when the entire ordeal happens online but not outside of a personal device. Still, these types of affairs might be worse than in-person.

From a quick good morning text to more personal messages, a micro-cheater is floating on an emotional affair. Why is this more dangerous? While a physical affair is, well, physical, an emotional one extends into feelings which can be more intense than anything physical. Once an emotional affair takes place it is more difficult for it to end.

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Spotting and Catching a Cheater

Catching a cheater might be one of the most difficult things that can happen since it is all of your fears becoming a reality, but the truth is, it must be done. There are a few ways to catch a cheater, but it’s still not recommended to follow these due to the legality surrounding it. However, signs of cheating can include:

• more time spent on mobile devices
• more time in the gym
• subsequent photos posted online
• hidden text messages
• and more

A cheating spouse or partner can hide behind a variety of tools, but the most difficult situation is when they try to cover it up by deleting the evidence. Fortunately, nothing is ever truly deleted and digital forensic experts can get the evidence that you need. This information can be recovered and help in divorce proceedings when infidelity is the cause.

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