Online Messaging Apps Are Leading to Paranoia in Relationships

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whats app cheating app

Snapchat and Messaging App Paranoia Is Increasing A friend called me this past weekend with concerns that her boyfriend was cheating on her due to Snapchat’s Snap Score feature. Essentially, this score tallies up the number of Snapchats sent and received. So, why was my friend so worried that her boyfriend was not being faithful? My friend’s paranoia started when … Read More

Facebook Wants To Keep In Touch, Even When You Don’t

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Facebook Data Collection Account Deletion

Facebook Might Just Be A Facebook Creeper Themselves Facebook is like an ex who cannot let go and follows each and every one of your moves on the internet. Yes, you might have moved on and deleted everything about them from your phone and computer, but they still linger. The findings from one staff member at Cnet Staff proved that … Read More

Staggering Amount of Millennials Are Lying On Their Resume

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Resume Fraud Growth

Applying For Jobs Is a Challenge Applying for a job might be just as grueling as applying for college. First, the job applicant must ensure their skills set them apart from their competition, second, the resume must be customized for each position, and third, the resume must pass through the Applicant Tracking Software before a real person even sees the … Read More

The Best Free and Paid Identity Theft Recovery Services

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Identity Theft Services 2019

The Best Free and Paid Identity Theft Protection Services Disclosure: Identifying these services does not mean we endorse them. This post is based on the number and rating of customer reviews. Additionally, the order of services does not denote their ranking. Identity theft is a growing problem due to the amount of publicly accessible information on social media and cyber … Read More

A Guide to Posting Photos of Your Children Online Safely

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Safely Post Pictures Online

Safely Post Pictures of Your Children Online For some, resisting the urge to post Little Billy’s recital might be too difficult. In most cases, social media privacy settings might be enough to keep people who aren’t on your friend’s list from seeing updates, but not social media sites. Despite the targeted ads and digital footprints while posting about their children … Read More