Future of Home Automation May Be Local After Ring Privacy Concerns

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Privacy Concerns Home Automation Data Storage

The Ring home security system has faced scrutiny in recent months for its alleged privacy breaches. Instead of completely writing off the technology, consumers have been exploring the option of local home automation systems that promise the security of their personal information. A recent study from Gizmodo stated that the Ring was able to pinpoint the general location of users … Read More

Privacy Concerns with DNA Testing Kits

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DNA Testing Kit Privacy Concerns

For decades, DNA testing has been used by select entities such as law enforcement and the military. Now, it is being used by private companies to gather and share personal customer information like a consumer’s ancestry. This tactic, however, is raising many privacy concerns. The testing kits require taking small samples of fluids, which is usually done through a cheek … Read More

Facebook Updates Privacy and Security Measures

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Facebook Privacy Settings

As the world of the internet continues to evolve, privacy continues to be a great concern amongst users worldwide. One of the obstacles, however, is how this concern is translated between the user and the providers of the services they use. Users like to have control over how their information is used, displayed, and stored, especially in the over-sharing culture … Read More

2019 Year in Review for Ransomware

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2019 Ransomware Year in Review

As evidence shows, 2019 was a busy year for cyber criminals. Across the country, ransomware attacks are rising. Most recently, schools, hospitals, and local governments have fallen victim to ransomware attacks. State governments have been largely affected by widespread attacks, with nearly 1,000 reports documented in cities nationwide. In some cases, damage rates have surpassed cities’ insurance coverage rates and … Read More