Michigan Governor Signs Law That Puts Cyberbullies Behind Bars

Sergei VolfCyber Bullying and Online Harassment

Cyberbullies Michigan Jail Time

Michigan Takes Legal Action Against Cyberbullies Michigan is the first state in the country to pass cyberbullying laws that make it illegal. On Dec. 27, 2018, Michigan’s governor signed into law, a bill that describes online bullying as a misdemeanor. The law will take effect in March 2019 and is a landmark ruling to prevent cyberbullying. Currently, 45 states have … Read More

Five Unique and Smart Ways To Stop a Cyberbully

Sergei VolfCyber Bullying and Online Harassment

Cyber Bullying Numbers Increase

Cyberbullying Is On The Rise According to a Pew Research Center survey of 4,248 United State’s adults, they found that 41% were victims of online harassment at some point and 66% of that number witnessed bullying online. Unfortunately, social media became integrated into the lives of many. We use it to connect with families, friends, for work, entertainment and more, … Read More

Cyberbullying in The Workplace Affects Millions

Sergei VolfCyber Bullying and Online Harassment

Workplace Bullying Affects Millions

What is Cyberbullying in The Work Place Cyberbullying doesn’t stop when you walk across your high school stage and accept your diploma, it extends into college and where you work, and due to technology, the ability to bully is easier. According to a joint study by the University of Sheffield and Nottingham University, cyberbullying is as common as traditional bullying … Read More

Instagram Tackles Online Bullying With Artificial Intelligence

Sergei VolfCyber Bullying and Online Harassment

Instagram Anti Bully Solution

Instagram Takes on Cyberbullying “There is no place for bullying on Instagram.” Head of Instagram, Adam Mosseri states in his blog post announcing Instagram’s new cyberbullying strategy. Instagram plans to utilize artificial intelligence that learns how to identify bullying and harassment. How does Instagram plan to handle the complex nature of online bullying? In the blog post, Mosseri continues with … Read More

How to Spot, Prevent and Stop Cyber-Bullying

Sergei VolfCyber Bullying and Online Harassment

Spot the Signs Cyberbullying

How Bullying Evolved It’s no surprise that bullying at school spans generations. In contrast to bullying of the past, it is no longer isolated to school, the bus or other various groups. Instead, bullying has hit the cyber world. Cyberbullying does not judge and anyone or any age can fall victim to it. If you own a smart device or … Read More