UK Has Concerns Over Contactless Payment Card Security

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Contactless Payment Security UK

A 2019 study by IDEX Biometrics ASA found that 63% of consumers in the United Kingdom (UK) are afraid that their contactless payment card may be used fraudulently. The survey involved 1,000 UK current account or credit card holders who believe a criminal could scan their card while it’s in their pocket and steal their funds. Growth of Convenient Payment … Read More

Financial Fraud and Secure Payment Methods

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Financial Fraud Statistics and Secure Payment Methods

While payment methods have become more convenient with debit cards and online banking, the risk for financial fraud has also increased. One piece of personal information can be the entry point for a cyber criminal to access all of your funds. Recent studies show that account takeovers account for half of the online banking fraud, while the other half is … Read More

How to Know If You Need a Cell Phone Forensic Investigation

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Cell Phone Forensics

A cell phone offers a wealth of knowledge about someone from their name and email to banking information and messages to coworkers and friends. A complete forensic investigation can give you the results you need when providing evidence in court. It may also give you an explanation as to why unusual happenings are occurring on your mobile device. Either way, … Read More

Employment Verification on Social Media Can Prevent a Public Relations Nightmare

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Employees Fired Over Social Media

Social Media Posts Put Companies at Risk What your employees say online directly impacts your business. In some cases, racist, sexist, or vulgar tweets can put employers in a difficult situation. Even personal social media accounts of employees can reflect on a company. When an employee tweets, posts, or shares inflammatory messages, it reflects poorly on an organization. For the … Read More

How To Shop Online and Keep Your Gifts a Surprise

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Stop Online Ads from Exposing Gifts

Are Social Networks Watching You? They know when you’ve been sleeping, they know when you’re awake, they know what you’ve been searching for, so stop those ads, for goodness sake. Do you think you have the perfect idea for a holiday gift for your family and friends? A quick Google search could expose that idea and ruin the entire surprise. … Read More