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Private Investigations of Infidelity

Secure Forensics’ team of private investigators have the experience and know how to get to the truth.

Infidelity Private Investigation

If your spouse or significant other is cheating wouldn’t you want to know?

Suspicion of infidelity is often the catalyst for individuals to seek a private investigator’s services. Secure Forensics, the leader in digital forensics also employs a team of private investigators possessing extensive experience uncovering the actions of cheating spouses.

Accusations or suspicions without proof have no value. Confronting your spouse in an emotional state and without evidence could prove detrimental to your case. Our private investigators will be able to conduct a through an extensive investigation without letting emotions cloud his or her judgment to help you find the truth and provide any evidence you might need.

What Signs Might Indicate A Cheating Spouse?

There are several red flags or actions by a spouse or significant other that would indicate participation in an adulterous affair.

Here are the most common:

    • Changes in appearance such as wearing fancier clothing.
    • Spouse or significant other is cold an there are changes in intimacy.
    • Changing phone habits (more time on phone, being protective of phone).
    • Changes in online habits (new email accounts, changing passwords, establishing new screen names or social media identities).
    • Changing work schedule or using work as an excuse for coming home at unusual hours or missing scheduled events.

    If you notice any of the above red flags then there is a possibility your spouse or significant other is involved in an affair. If you suspect that this is happening give our private investigators a call to get to the bottom of it and get you the facts and proof you need.

    How Are Infidelity Investigations Conducted?

    Infidelity investigations involve a multi-step process. Once a Secure Forensics investigator is hired, said person schedules a meeting with the client.

    During this meeting, client provides our private investigators pertinent information about the suspected cheater, such as:

    • Occupation & Place of Employment
    • Establishments They Routinely Visit
    • Known Schedules
    • Vehicle Information
    • Any Known Associates

    When the investigator is furnished with this information, he or she can begin the surveillance process where the potential adulterer can be monitored for any suspicious and malevolent behavior. In some cases if GPS tracking is legal Secure Forensics can make use of GPS tracking. Investigators might also speak with people who may know the person in question or monitor their social media accounts.

    Investigators might also obtain technological devices the suspected cheater might use such as a mobile phone, tablet and laptop computer and search these items for suspicious calls and contacts. If cheating is suspected, Secure Forensics could potentially provide greater proof by examining said devices and extracting any potential evidence like deleted or blocked messages. We employ a collection of experienced digital forensics investigators with a dearth of experience conducting such investigations on all digital devices; along with social media.

    As all of our private investigators are licensed any evidence obtained will only be obtained by legal means. This means that your evidence will be admissible in court for any divorce proceedings. Let our infidelity private investigators get you evidence and the truth.

    Frequently Asked Questions About Private Investigations of Infidelity

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