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Private Investigation of Insurance Fraud

Insurance fraud is among the most common types of fraud perpetrated by white collar criminals. This costs honest policy holders and insurance companies billions of dollars a year. Let our private investigators save you money.

Insurance Fraud Investigation

What is Insurance Fraud?

The perpetrators of insurance fraud execute false or exorbitant claims to the companies underwriting their respective insurance policies with designs on accumulating significant monetary gains.

Secure Forensics private investigators can help investigate all insurance fraud cases including:

Car Accident Insurance Fraud Investigation

Car Accident
Insurance Fraud

Home Insurance Fraud Investigation

Home Insurance Fraud

      Health Insurance Billing Fraud Investigation

      Health Insurance
      Billing Fraud

      Life Insurance Fraud Investigation

      Life Insurance Fraud

      Medical Procedures Fraud Investigation

      Unnecessary Medical Procedures Fraud

      Worker Compensation Fraud Investigation

      Worker Compensation Fraud

      Travel Insurance Fraud Investigation

      Travel Insurance Fraud Investigation

      Renters Insurance Fraud Investigation

      Renter’s Insurance Fraud

      How is Insurance Fraud Investigated?

      Insurance Fraud Investigators at Secure Forensics employ several methods of uncovering this type of fraudulent activity:

      • Background Checks

        Conducting background checks of insurance claimants

      • Billing History Check

        Overseeing the billing histories of doctors and healthcare providers

      • Surveillance

        Conducting surveillance on suspected perpetrators

      • Interviews

        Conducting interviews with witnesses of accidents in question to expose lies or fabrications of claimants

      • Medical Records Check

        Reviewing a claimant’s medical reports

      Frequently Asked Questions About Insurance Fraud Investigations

      Below are answers and questions created specifically about our fraudulent insurance claims investigative services.

      Insurance fraud investigations are not only conducted for the benefit of insurance companies. If you believe your medical provider or some other entity billed you for services they did not perform, allow the insurance investigators at Secure Forensics to examine your claims, please contact us to get started.


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