Financial Fraud Investigation

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Private Investigation of Financial Fraud

Financial Fraud is rampant. If you feel you are a victim of financial fraud let our private investigators find you the perpetrators.

Financial Fraud Investigation

What is Financial Fraud?

Financial fraud can manifest in several forms, we specializes in investigating all types including:

Credit Card Fraud

Fraudulent activity occurring when a victims credit card and billing information or identity is stolen

Investment Fraud

When a individuals cons someone into making an investment in non-existent companies or assets

Tax Fraud

A means of trying to avoid remitting income and other tax payments, some entities may falsify tax documents


Perpetrators gain access to specific financial accounts and misappropriate the funds contained within said holdings

Proving Financial Fraud

Many perpetrators of financial fraud are very adept at leaving little, if any evidence directly tying them to these acts of malfeasance. For that reason, proving such a crime occurred often requires the involvement of experienced licensed investigators who have accounting backgrounds and understand the complexities of conducting accounting-based investigations.

In addition to our team of investigators, Secure Forensics also utilizes the services of Fraud Examiners. Not only are these professionals well-versed in the accounting and business fields, but also often have experience conducting corporate investigations and understand the nuances of participating in such examinations.

Why Hire Private Investigators and Fraud Examiners?

It is important to reiterate that the white-collar criminals who perpetrate financial fraud are smart and seldom leave paper trails. Knowledgeable investigators and fraud examiners know how to conduct professional investigations that operate in accordance with laws governing proper surveillance and evidence collection. Should any of these laws be violated, any evidence gathered could be deemed void and potentially damage the legal community’s chances of prosecuting alleged perpetrators.

    If you suspect you or your business is currently or has been victimized by some type of financial fraud, it is important to act quickly. However, do not try and take the law into your own hands. Let the team of professionals employed by Secure Forensics help. Contact us today at 1-800-288-1407.

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