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Private Investigation Employment Verification

Hiring the right people is difficult. Make the employment process easy by making use of our employment verification service.

Employment Verification

Be More Thorough Than Just The Usual.

Retaining the services of new employees are among the most critical decisions a public, private or individual business or entity can take. Every hiring manager wants the assurance that the individuals they employ possess the educational and professional backgrounds they claim to own. Secure Forensics, one of the nation’s leading providers of forensics and private investigation services, also takes great pride in its Employment Verification Division. We employ a staff of experienced private investigators with years of experience in employment verification.

How Important is an Employment Verification?

In today’s competitive job market, it is not uncommon for prospective employees to embellish their resumes in the hopes of standing out amongst other candidates. In addition, employees with checkered pasts lie about their past.

Secure Forensics Employment Verification will include a thorough check of key prospective employee information such as:

    Education Verification


    We will verify that the individual in question attended the academic institution that they claimed to have been enrolled in and graduation records. This information is vital when hiring a new employee.

    Work History Verification

    Work History

    Work history is one of the most important qualifiers that employees look for. Unfortunately some employees lie about their past work history. Our investigation employment verification can confirm all the details, and make sure the potential employee is not lying to you. We also go a step further, and reveal crucial information about their past job performance and skillsets. Our private investigators do this by conducting interviews with former colleagues and employees.

    Employee Background and History Verification

    General History

    We will investigate a potential employee’s background and discover any criminal, credit, driving record, professional licenses, and address history the employee may have.


    Verification searches conducted online simply cannot uncover the amount of information a Secure Forensics Private Investigation Employment Verification can. Our team of investigators go to the source of the information provided on a resume to gain a better understanding of who prospective employees are not only as workers but as people as well.

    Frequently Asked Questions About Employment Verification

    Below are answers and questions created specifically about our employment screening forensics services.

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