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Complete Background Checks

Online background checks are not detailed enough. Fortunately our Private Investigators get you details not readily available.

Background Check

What can your private investigation background checks reveal?

Most background checks are not thorough and incomplete. They can miss various aspects of a subject’s criminal history. Complete background investigations delve much deeper into an individual’s overall history than what might be readily available through online services. Our background investigations reveal:

  • Financial Dealings
  • Driving Record
  • Marriage & Divorce History
  • Places Lived
  • Past Contact Information
  • Employment History
  • Much More

Private investigations could probe other aspects of people’s personal lives. Secure Forensics can tailor an investigation to a client’s specific information gathering needs.

Benefits of hiring a private investigator

Background checks conducted through online services can only uncover information. Private investigator background checks go much further. A personally-conducted investigation can enable a client to garner true insight into the subject’s character and being. Secure Forensics investigators can meet with the subject’s past employers, colleagues and associations and gain a true understanding of who the subject really is as a person.

Frequently Asked Questions About Background Checks

Below are answers and questions created specifically about our background checks services.

If you need to conduct a background check and want more information than you would normally get with an online background check then please contact us at 800-288-1407 and let us start a private investigator based background check. Go further, uncover the truth, and find out the truth.


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