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Forensics for Theft of Trade Secrets

Your trade secrets are your livelihood and the lifeblood of your company. If you are a victim of trade secret theft let the experts at Secure Forensics prove who the perpetrators are.

Theft of Trade Secrets Investigation

Theft of Trade Secrets is on the Rise. We are here for you to find the parties responsible.

Theft of trade secrets is on the rise, sometimes from employees and sometimes from other companies. Secure Forensics has digital forensics experts that can not only locate when the theft occurred, but can help you find and prosecute the party responsible.

Some common similarities in theft of trade secrets are:

Employees Leaving Company Theft of Trade Secrets

Employee or Employees Leaving the Company

      Employees Stealing Trade Secrets

      Last Days of Work Employees Steal Proprietary Information

      Employees Hired by a Competitor

      Employees Hired by a Competitor

      Information Used by Competitors to Gain Advantage

      Info Used by Competitor to Gain Advantage

      If you believe you are a victim of theft of your trade secrets then Secure Forensics is here to help you prove that and get the legal win you need.

      In the evolving digital age, stealing company secrets has become easier.

      Gone are the days of trade secrets being printed on paper. The rise in theft of trade secrets most likely comes from the evolution of storage. All of your company information has to be stored somewhere, and with employees having access to that information there is always a chance of them stealing it. Gone are the days of the CD drive, now USB sticks are tiny in dimensions yet still large in capacities. Also the evolving of cloud storage with access gives employees an even greater chance of stealing the information. Luckily, Secure Forensics can not only identify theft of trade secrets, but can also prove what party was responsible. Our computer forensics investigators will go through and then analyze the information available to provide a better timeline.

      Here are some common areas that we analyze:

        System Files Analysis Theft of Trade Secrets

        System Files

        Remote access to the system and history of this remote access, and if something like a USB or storage media was ever inserted and used, for how long and what files were transferred.

        Email Analysis Trade Secret Theft

        Email Analysis

        We comb through emails to see if there was any files that were sent to personal or non company email addresses.

        Internet History Analysis Trade Secret Theft

        Internet History

        Evidence of any searches or anything that can point to the theft of trade secrets. Also searching through the use of cloud storage sites and social media for further evidence.

        Mobile Device Analysis Theft of Trade Secrets

        Mobile Device

        Searching through texts, call history, email usage, and other meta data in search of evidence that the theft of trade secrets occurred.

        Timeline Analysis of Theft of Trade Secrets

        Timeline Analysis

        Create a timeline of the employees activities that led up to their termination or resignation.


        This seems very complex and time consuming; luckily Secure Forensics has decades of experience in digital forensics to prove theft of trade secrets. Our certified forensics experts will leave no stone unturned while searching for evidence of theft of trade secrets and the perpetrator or responsible party. If you believe you are experiencing a case of someone stealing your company trade secrets please give us a call for a free consultation at 800-288-1407.

        We specialize in prosecuting and defending employee theft of trade secret cases.

        Computer forensic investigations are particularly critical in cases involving theft of trade secrets by current and former employees. Courts and state legislatures are becoming increasingly hostile toward non-compete agreements and other covenants designed to prevent employees from working for competitors. Combined with high turnover rates, employees today are more likely than ever to move between jobs within the same industry. Companies must be vigilant in guarding their valuable trade secrets from employee theft

        The increasing use of computer cloud systems by U.S. businesses greatly heightens the risk of data theft by employees (or other insiders), particularly given the low cost storage arrays available and low cost high-speed bandwidth to move data. The risk of data theft has also grown for all systems connected to the internet. As technology advances, the ease of copying and storing digital information presents huge challenges for businesses in protecting sensitive – and valuable – business information.

        Adding to this challenge, employees may attempt to cover their digital tracks using obfuscation (or “anti-forensic”) techniques such as deletion, wiping, artifact hiding, steganography (hiding data within data), and encryption. The experts at Secure Forensics have training and tools to detect when these techniques have been deployed. Because obfuscation techniques are always changing and become more sophisticated, our experts keep abreast of these changes through continuous training and education.

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