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Intellectual Property Cases

How much is your intellectual property worth to you? Let Secure Forensics find out if your IP was stolen, leaked, or otherwise misused.

IP Theft Investigation

Secure Forensics is a proven leader in IP Computer Forensics

The importance of computer forensics in IP cases is well-known and highly established. Virtually all business information today is digitally stored. Companies operate using dozens of software programs and applications; employees work on and interact with multiple computer devices every day; and business activities are continuously and systematically logged. All of this leads to a world in which essentially every human action creates a trail of digital information.

In cases where company trade secrets and confidential information are at issue, judges and juries increasingly expect to see “digital proof” to support a party’s claim or defense. This digital proof – or lack thereof – can make or break an Intellectual Property case. Consequently, it is crucial to hire a qualified and experienced computer forensic expert to carefully guide you through the digital trail of information that exists in your case.

The experts at Secure Forensics are proven, tested and unmatched in their ability to identify, analyze, interpret and explain digital data and computer technology in the context of an IP case.

If you have a preliminary injunction or TRO hearing, Secure Forensics can provide expedited services to meet (and exceed) your demands.

We know that IP cases oftentimes happen on a truncated schedule. A judge’s decision on a motion for preliminary injunction or TRO may essentially be the endgame when a company’s trade secrets are at stake. If you have an urgent situation, Secure Forensics has the staffing and capability to keep you ahead of the computer forensic issues in your case.

Frequently Asked Questions About Intellectual Property Theft Investigation

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