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Employment Contracts Forensics

Secure Forensics has the tools, skills and expertise to properly preserve an employee’s digital history in a cost-effective manner.

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Employment Contracts Disputes Investigation

The ability to recover, recreate and prove an employee’s digital history can fundamentally change the course of any employment case. Moreover, preserving some or all of an employee’s digital history may be required under federal or state law. Immediately preserving an employee’s digital history at the first sign of employment litigation is a best practice and will prevent critical evidence from being deleted, damaged, or destroyed.

Employment cases can raise a variety of computer forensic issues. The experts at Secure Forensics can assist you in any type of employment case.

Here are some of the most common contractual issues our forensics team deals with:

Digital Forensics Proving Wrongful Termination


      Forensics for Discrimination Harassment Hostile Work

      Discrimination, Harassment, Hostile Work Environment

      Forensics For Whistle blowers and Retaliation

      Retaliation and Whistleblowers

      Forensics for Breach of NDA Non Compete

      Breach of Non Compete, Non Solicitation and NDA

      Frequently Asked Questions Digital Forensic Services for Employment Contracts

      Below are common questions and answers about our forensic employment contract services

      Whatever the issue, Secure Forensics’ employment contract forensics can help you get to the truth; and with the truth you can make an informed decision of which legal route to take.


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