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Disgruntled Employee Investigation

Secure Forensics has years of experience investigating disgruntled employees to protect your business and brand name.

Disgruntled Employee Investigations

If you had a disgruntled employee working at your company, what is the worst thing they could do?

Disgruntled employees stealing company information or client lists has become commonplace in today’s work environments. They can also commit fraud or sabotage before leaving. Here are some ways that a disgruntled employee can damage your business:

  • Damage Your Brand Name
  • Steal Client Lists
  • Sabotage Systems
  • Leak Company Information
  • Commit Fraud

Fortunately Secure Forensics can help you recover, find, and document digital evidence proving that these things occurred due to a disgruntled employee.

A simple solution to a complex disgruntled employee problem.

The first few hours that you find out about a disgruntled employee are extremely critical. Most disgruntled employees already have a plan in their mind about how to get away with a crime and damage your company. Here are the recommended steps that Secure Forensics takes in order to help you identify and prosecute the responsible parties:

  • Identify What Occured
  • Identify Who Was Involved
  • Identify What Devices Were Accessed
  • Collect Said Devices
  • Preserve the Digital Evidence

How can Secure Forensics help with Disgruntled Employees’ Actions?

Secure Forensics is well versed in the digital forensics process, and our digital forensics investigators can help you not only stop what occurred but fix it as well. We start by gathering human intelligence; wherein we ask you what you believe occurred.

Here are the usual next steps in a disgruntled employee forensic investigation:

  • Clarify Dates & Times of Occurring Incident Thereby Narrowing Scope to Save Time & Money
  • Find Out Who is Involved
  • Ascertain Which Machines are Affected
  • Collect & Preserve Those Machines
  • Analyze the Information
  • Get You Valid and Admissible Proof

A disgruntled employee requires an investigation into their actions, especially if they have taken actions to hurt you or your brand name. After all of the above steps are taken and you are provided with a forensics report you will be able to prosecute and stop or reverse the damage that has been done to your company. Take back control of your reputation by giving us a call at 800-288-1407 and let Secure Forensics help you start your disgruntled employee investigation today.

Frequently Asked Questions About Disgruntled Employee Investigations

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