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Certified Legal Forensics

The use of forensics for a legal case can be complex, with our legal forensics services your case will be simple.

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Legal Forensics

Technology has evolved to a point where you can prove an event occurred with irrefutable science. As such legal forensics is the use of forensics services in any legal proceeding to prove that an incident did or did not occur. The information that is provided by Secure Forensics can be the difference in the verdict. With our expert forensic team analyzing the information and getting it into a usable, searchable, and most important provable format you can rest assured that you have the greatest chance at the verdict you are looking for.


Divorce & Custody cases can get ugly; especially if children are involved. They can get costly and time consuming. If there was anyway to speed up the divorce or custody trial, or to save legal costs wouldn't you want to?


There are various types of Insurance Claims that require digital forensics. No matter the insurance claim it costs policyholders money and opens you up to financial liabilities.


Intellectual Property is the lifeblood of any business. Whenever an employee leaves to join a competitor or if there is any concern over the employee's intentions in leaving his or her employment. You may want to consider our services to learn the truth.


What are your trade secrets worth? If someone stole your trade secrets what would it cost your company? Your livelihood? Unfortunately these types of things happen every day.


The number of medical data breaches have continued to rise exponentially. In the year 2017 alone there were over 350 cases of major medical data breaches occurring. Do you want to get to the bottom of a medical data breach?

No matter what of legal forensics case you are dealing with our computer and digital forensics experts can get to the bottom of it. We will provide a legally admissible forensics report that you can use to get the result or ruling you are looking for.

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