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Mobile Forensics: We Help Tell the WHOLE Story

Today’s technology is evolving at a break neck pace, and you need a team of professionals on your side that can consistently stay ahead of the curve. At Secure Forensics, our experts can analyze your digital devices to help solve problems related to criminal or civil investigations, infidelity, and anything in between.

Mobile Cell Phone Forensics

What is Mobile Forensics?

The 21st century has seen an unparalleled rise in the daily use of mobile devices. Although cellular technology has been around for decades, only in recent years has the evolution of the smart phone and similar devices posed a unique opportunity for the collection and analysis of digital evidence.

Smart phones, tablets, flash drives, memory cards and GPS devices can all store data that can be of investigative interest to law enforcement and the court system. Secure Forensics is a leader in this growing field, and our team utilizes every resource available to collect, preserve, analyze, and report on the data held within our every day devices. If you have a question, our team can answer it.

What can be Analyzed?

We can analyze ANY mobile device. Regardless if the device is broken or functioning, our team will uncover the truth.

Some common information that can be analyzed with mobile forensics:

SMS MMS Messages Forensics

SMS and MMS Messages

Pictures Video Audio Mobile Forensics

Pictures, Video and Audio

Phone GPS Foreniscs

GPS Information

      Contacts Phonebook Forensics

      Contacts and Phonebook

      Call History Forensics

      Call History (Incoming, Outgoing, Length)

      Phone Email Forensics


      Phone App Based Messaging Forensics

      Application Based Messaging

      Web Browser History Forensics

      Web Browser History (Cookies, Search History, Analytics)

      Phone Metadata Forensics


      Deleted Phone information Forensics


      Phone Documents Forensics

      User Generated Data (Documents, Spreadsheets, etc)

      Phone Notes Forensics


      Social Media Mobile Forensics

      Social Networking Information

      Geo Location Wifi Phone Forensics

      Geo Location
      (Tower & Wifi Related Location Data)

      Phone Calendar Forensics


      What Devices can be Analyzed?

      Secure Forensics can analyze ANY mobile device. Even if the device is physically broken our team will uncover the truth.

      Some common devices we work with:

      iPhone iPads Forensics

      iPhones & iPads

          Android Devices Forensics

          Android Devices

          Tablets Forensics


          SD Cards Forensics

          SD/MicroSD Cards

          GPS Forensics

          GPS Mobile Devices

          The acquisition and examination of digital evidence found on a mobile device can play a critical role in determining the outcome of disputes involved in business, criminal, and civil litigation.

          Our expert mobile forensics examiners can help solve a wide array of issues, including:

          Intellectual Property Theft Investigation

          Intellectual Property Theft

              Infidelity Divorce Investigation

              Infidelity & Divorce

              Custody Battles Investigation

              Custody Battles

              Business Partnership Dissolutions Investigation

              Business Partnership Dissolutions

              Disgruntled Employee Investigation

              Business Disruptions Caused by Ex and Problem Employees

              Our digital forensics team upholds an uncompromising commitment to the ethical and legal guidelines that are necessary for providing professional mobile forensics services.We hold numerous mobile forensics certifications including: Cellebrite Physical & Logical Analyst Certifications, X-Ways Forensics Certifications and Encase Certified eDiscovery Practitioner.

              Frequently Asked Questions About Mobile & Cell Phone Forensics

              Below are answers and questions created specifically about our mobile and cell phone forensics services.

              When you need to know the whole story, Secure Forensics can give you answers. We understand the value of your time, and we don’t waste it by sending out your devices to outside contractors for data recovery. At Secure Forensics, we provide in-house solutions for all steps of the mobile forensics process, including data recovery from broken devices.


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