Forensic Hard Drive Imaging

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Forensically Imaging a Hard Drive

Do you need to preserve evidence by imaging a hard drive? Let our experts image your hard drive so that it can be used as evidence.

Forensic Hard Drive Imaging

What is Hard Drive Imaging?

Hard drive imaging is the process by which computer forensics engineers and data recovery professionals extract pertinent data from technological devices such as desktop and laptop computers.

Every computer has a hard drive, and it stores almost all the information located on a computer. This information is vital in any legal proceeding as it stores valuable information that can be analyzed to paint a picture of what truly happened. There are multiple steps to take in order to image out a hard drive to be admissible in a court of law; fortunately Secure Forensics is not only adept at these steps but takes the time to write a detailed report to make it admissible.

Let Us Help You Take Control of Your Evidence

Our forensics examiners are skilled at creating an image, and utilize a write blocker when doing so in order to preserve the image’s integrity. After this is done our forensics examiners can then analyze the information and give you a report with findings that will then stand up against cross examination. With decades of data recovery experience we can even image a hard drive in any circumstance including:

  • Water Damage Occurs
  • Physical or Mechanical Damage Occurs
  • PCB Board Damage
  • Fire Damage
  • Smoke Damage
  • Any Other Issue

Our team of engineers are proficient in the use of write blocker software which enables them to perform logical imaging. Logical imaging enables the retrieval of specific hard drive files that were active prior to the event that induced the initial damage or corruption.

We have an office in most major cities and near you. Feel free to give us a call today if you are in need of a forensic hard drive image for your case at 800-288-1407.

Frequently Asked Questions About Forensic Hard Drive Imaging

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