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Forensic Imaging Done Right

Forensics investigations begin with preservation of evidence through forensic imaging. Let our experts help you.

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Forensics Data Imaging Services

If you are starting a digital investigation or forensics case the first thing that must be done is evidence preservation. Secure Forensics can forensically image any media, in any condition, and provide you with an admissible image. No matter the condition of the media our experts can still get the job done.


Hard Drives are a vital source of information. Everything has a hard drive in it nowadays, and those hard drives require forensic imaging. Let our digital forensic experts image your hard drive and let the evidence do the talking.


Everyone has a cell phone. Do you know what information is on that cell phone? Would you like to find out about text messages, GPS location data, emails, social media? This information is vital to finding out the truth. We can preserve your cell phone as evidence with imaging.


NAND and other memory can all be imaged forensically. This includes memory cards, flash sticks, or any other type of memory that is NAND based. It also includes Solid State Hard Drives and on board eMMC memory.

No matter the type of forensic imaging you require, Secure Forensics can handle it all. Whether it is a hard drive, cell phone, or any other type of memory we can preserve and perform a forensic image which will be admissible. No matter the condition of the media, even if it has been submerged underwater we have the experience and know how to preserve your information.

Frequently Asked Questions About Forensic Imaging

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