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Employee Misconduct Forensic Investigations

Secure Forensics has the experience and knowledge to investigate your employee misconduct suspicions.

Employee Misconduct Investigation

How Much Damage Can an Employee’s Improper Behavior or Misconduct Affect Your Daily Business Activities?

An employee’s bad behavior and misconduct in the workplace can have lasting negative impacts on your business’s production and reputation.

Here are several examples and signs an employee is disregarding your employee misconduct policy:

Purposely Deleting Important Information

Purposely Deleting Important Information

Selling Information to a Competitor

Selling Information to a Competitor

      Purposely Breaking Company Devices & Property

      Purposely Breaking Company Devices & Property

      Health Insurance Billing Fraud Investigation

      Inappropriate Messages to Coworkers

      Disclosing of Confidential Data Online

      Disclosing of Confidential Data Online

      Digital Harassment of Coworkers

      Digital Harassment of Coworkers

      Persistent Lateness


      Playing Video Games While At Work

      Playing Video Games
      While At Work

      Fortunately, Secure Forensics can help you discover, document, and preserve digital evidence to prove employee misconduct in the workplace.

      Steps to Take When You Suspect an Employee of Misconduct

      In most situations, there is a protocol to follow before terminating an employee due to misconduct.

      Some of the steps to take to mitigate employee misconduct in order include:

      Step 1: Verbal Warning

      Verbal Warning

      Most companies will issue a verbal warning the employee’s conduct or performance is not meeting the standards of the employer.

      Step 2: Documented Written Warning

      Documented Written Warning

      If an employee continues to engage in misconduct after a verbal warning, a documented warning with an employee signature would be the next step.

      Step 3: Suspension and Reprimanding

      Suspension and Reprimanding

      An employer will suspend and reprimand a misbehaving employee who either engages in egregious misconduct or has been warned multiple times about their misconduct previously.

      Step 4: Employee Termination


      Although an employer can terminate their employees at any time for any kind of misconduct, termination is usually reserved for when none of the above have worked.


      Termination of an employee is usually cut and dry if these are documented correctly and with the correct proof. Lack of proof or documentation can result in lawsuits and legal battles. Fortunately Secure Forensics can help you by finding digital proof of employee misconduct in order to justify termination or prepare for a legal defense of termination.

      Digital Forensics Offers Simple Solutions for Employee Misconduct

      It’s not enough to suspect an employee is engaging in employee misconduct. Before disciplinary actions due to speculation, you need evidence and proof. Secure Forensics can perform a variety of services either remote or onsite to discover employee misconduct.

      Here are the steps Secure Forensics will take to help prove employee misconduct:

      • Discuss Concerns Of What Occurred
      • Ensure HR & IT Policies are Up-to-date Ahead of Time
      • Ensure Policies Permit the Investigation
      • Discuss Location of Misconduct — Onsite or Remotely

      • Plan The Investigation
      • Gather Info – Messages, Interviews, Browser History, etc
      • Evaluate and Document the Evidence
      • Provide The Employer With Evidence

      If you are a business and are thinking of firing or terminating an employee; or already have then an employee misconduct investigation may be right for you. These misconduct investigations can save companies millions of dollars and make sure their reputation is not tarnished with a frivolous lawsuit.

      Misconduct Investigation for Wrongfully Terminated Employees

      Employees who feel they are wrongfully fired due to misconduct accusations can also conduct their own investigations. In some situations, an employee might feel that their employer targeted them or manipulated the truth to terminate them. Wrongful termination is difficult to prove, but a digital forensic investigation can help. With a thorough investigation, Secure Forensics can help determine if the firing is legal or if their employer violated employment law.

      Some of the reasons for wrongful termination include:

      Firing As a Form of Sexual Harassment

      Firing As a Form of
      Sexual Harassment

          Firing An Employee Who Files a Complaint Against Employer

          Firing An Employee Who Files a Complaint Against Employer

          Firing Employee Due to Age, Disability, Sexual Orientation, Gender, Race, Religion

          Firing Employee Due to Age, Disability, Sexual Orientation, Gender, Race, Religion

          An employer seeking retaliation or aiming to terminate an employee might stuff the browsing history of the victim’s computer to show unethical search results, purposely delete files to frame someone, and more. Secure Forensics can help to discover the truth.

          Frequently Asked Questions About Disgruntled Employee Investigations

          Below are answers and questions created specifically about our forensic services related to disgruntled employees.


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