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DVR Recovery Forensics

Look around… chances are you’ll see a DVR. All that information stored on a DVR can be vital to any case. Extract Digital Evidence from Corrupt DVR Files.

DVR Recovery Forensics

DVR’s Are Everywhere These Days

Digital video recorders (“DVRs”) are devices that record video into a digital format. The data is then stored on a disk drive, USB flash drive, SD memory card, SSD or other local or networked mass storage device. Many businesses, organizations and governmental entities use DVRs as part of a comprehensive surveillance and/or security system (CCTV).

The decreasing cost of DVRs is also leading to their rising use in residential surveillance and security. CCTV also has countless other uses – e.g., monitoring business operations in hazardous areas, recording truck drivers on the road in the event of an accident, etc. As DVRs become more commonplace in the world, they also become more commonplace in litigation and investigations.

DVR data is too important to trust with a second-tier computer forensic expert.

If DVR video footage is involved in your lawsuit, chances are it will be a critical component of your claim or defense. Nothing is more compelling to jurors than actually watching the scene of a lawsuit unfold before their eyes.

Secure Forensics can recover and perform forensics on any DVR in any condition including but not limited to:

DVR Video Undelete


      DVR Physical Damage Recovery Forensics

      Physical Damage

      DVR Water Damage Recovery Forensics

      Water Damage

      DVR File Damage Recovery Forensics

      Fire Damage

      Travel Insurance Fraud Investigation

      Corrupted Video Files

      The technology and features of DVRs are constantly changing and advancing. If your case or investigation involves DVR footage, it is critical that you have a DVR forensics expert who keeps abreast of these continuous developments in DVR technology, and who understands how they impact a digital forensic investigation and analysis. Secure Forensics has the tools, skills and expertise to handle virtually any form of DVR technology and virtually any DVR-related issue.

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