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Car Infotainment Systems Forensics

Car infotainment systems store a wide variety of vital information. Let us put a timeline together for you.

Car Infotainment Systems Forensics

Your car is a tracking tool. Let us put it to use.

Automotive infotainment systems are standard features in many modern cars. These components are operated by the vehicle’s computerized systems. While some may view infotainment as a luxury, this system is important because it stores critical data regarding how the vehicle is performing and can be crucial to discerning why accidents or critical vehicular system failures occurred.

Obtaining this information is conducted through a process known as infotainment system forensics. Secure Forensics, one of North America’s leading providers of digital, computer and mobile forensics services, employs a team of highly trained infotainment systems forensics investigators with extensive experience examining various vehicle computer systems.

Let us show you where your car has been.

Infotainment forensics is a facet of automotive forensics, which is the science of studying car components. This type of forensics can prove beneficial to law enforcement, personal injury prosecution, insurance company or defense teams attempting to prove the cause of an accident or which motorist bears guilt for precipitating said event. The infotainment system can log such data as:

What are the benefits of infotainment forensics services?

  • Dates & Times of Drivers or Passengers & Use
  • GPS & Navigational Information
  • Vehicle’s Destinations
  • Mobile Phone Call Records
  • Text Message Records
  • Time Stamps
  • Pertinent Information on Critical Systems & How They Are Functioning

Here at Secure Forensics we believe that first and foremost that evidence should be preserved and analyzed. Our team of expert examiners have years of experience studying a vehicle’s Event Data Recorder (EDR), which logs information about how the vehicles systems are performing, as well as the Telematics system (media console).

All of this information can be used in a variety of legal cases, from infidelity to car accident investigations to insurance fraud. Our automotive forensics specialists possess the technical acumen necessary to obtain pertinent data. If you or your legal team require infotainment forensics services then give us a call at 800-288-1407.

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