Vehicle and Car System Digital Forensic Services

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Vehicle and Car System Forensics

Car systems can paint the whole picture. Whether you were in an accident or just want to track information about your car Secure Forensics has you covered.

Vehicle and Car System Forensics

What is Vehicle System Forensics?

Here at Secure Forensics we can perform vehicle system forensics for your benefit. Our team of digital forensics experts have decades of experience with all vehicle makes and models.

Car system forensics is the process of analyzing vast amounts of data contained in your car system.

This includes:

  • Navigation History
  • When Vehicle’s Lights are Turned On or Off
  • When Doors Open and Close
  • If Bluetooth Devices are Connected
  • GPS Time Syncs
  • Speed & Directional Information
  • Acceleration & Braking

What is the use of Vehicle System Forensics?

There are a variety of reasons to make use of our Vehicle System Forensics services. Whether you were involved in a crash and want to prove you are innocent or are an insurance company looking to see if a claim is legitimate.

Here are a few reasons to make use of our Vehicle System Forensics services:

  • Determine Who is at Fault During an Accident
  • Finding Out Cheating Spouse’s Location and History
  • Prove or Disprove Car Insurance Fraud
  • Get Text Message Records
  • Get Time Stamps
  • Find Out if a Default Part is the Cause of a Crash

Certified Vehicle Systems Forensics

Secure Forensics has decades of experience in analyzing all models of vehicles. Our team of digital forensics experts are certified with manufacturers and will provide a clear and thorough report on the history of your car. If you are in need of finding out your vehicle’s history please give us a call at 800-288-1407.

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