Automotive Forensics

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Automotive Forensics

Whether for a car crash, texting, or to get GPS location data Secure Forensics’ team of experts can perform automotive forensics to get to the truth.

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Automotive Forensics

Automotive forensics is the science that studies the various on-board systems and components of the vehicles people drive. The examination of specific car parts might be necessary in a variety of civil and legal proceedings. Should you need forensics services performed by a team of automotive forensics experts, Secure Forensics employs some of the best professionals in the business.


Smart cars and infotainment systems are becoming more and more common. These entertainment systems hold vital information that can be useful to you.


Almost all cars come equipped with a car system that tracks the user and provides vital information to any investigation. Secure Forensics can use our tools to acquire user data from vehicles to help you in any investigation.

Frequently Asked Questions About Automotive Forensics

Below are answers and questions created specifically about our automotive forensics services.

No matter what information you are after Secure Forensics will leave no stone unturned in our digital investigation when performing automotive forensics. If you are in need of analyzing a vehicle’s information on a forensic level then please give us a call today at 800-288-1407 and let us take the guesswork out.


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