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Audio Video Forensics

Secure Forensics is the industry leader in the science of audio video forensics.

Audio Video Forensics

Why is Audio Video Forensics Necessary?

On certain occasions, untoward and criminal activity can be proven using photos and audio or video recordings. However, using such material as prosecutable evidence requires authentication. Authenticating recordings or images can be a challenging process that requires several steps. Secure Forensics, an industry leader providing services in many forensics fields, employs a team of audio and video forensics experts possessing many years of experience performing these endeavors.

Services We Provide

It is the responsibility of any audio and video forensics expert to ensure that the material they work with is as authentic, clean and understandable as possible.

Accomplishing this task often requires performing one or more of the following services:

Audio Video Evidence Collection Forensics

Evidence Collection

Audio Video Speed Adjustments Forensics

Speed Adjustments

      Audio Video System Authentication Forensics

      System Authentication

      Audio Video Identification Tempering Investigation

      Identification of Tampering

      Audio Video Analysis Interpretation Forensics

      Analysis and Interpretation

      Audio Video File Conversion Forensics

      File Conversion

      Audio Video Noise Removal Forensics

      Noise Removal

      Audio Video Recovery Transcription

      Recovery & Transcription

      What Types Of Media Do We Perform Audio Video Forensics On?

      Secure Forensics performs audio video forensics services on all media types, devices, and platforms.

      Below are some examples of media types and devices:

      Mobile Phones Forensics

      Mobile Phones

      Home Video Recordings Forensics

      Home Video Recorders

          DVR Recovery and Forensics

          DVR Recordings

          Youtube Video Forensics

          Youtube Videos

          Digital Camera Forensics


          Laptop Computer Forensics

          Laptop & Desktop Computers

          Web Cams Forensics


          Tablets Forensics


          Secure Forensics audio video forensics investigators can provide admissible testimony from any audio or video device. We not only provide proof that the extracted evidence is authentic but can technically enhance such material to present it in as visibly and audibly clean a manner possible.

          Frequently Asked Questions About Audio Video Forensics

          Below are answers and questions created specifically about our audio video forensics services.

          The digital evidence gathered by Secure Forensics investigators will adhere to the proper chain of command and will not be altered, tainted or adversely affected in any other way that could threaten its admissibility in a legal proceeding.


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