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Forensics Tips

What should you do if you are going to be submitting a forensics case to Secure Forensics?

Computer Forensics Tips

Tips for our Clients

  • Disconnect the device from the Internet as soon as possible – This will prevent the possibility of data being overwritten or tampered with. Please note that mobile devices should be put into airplane mode if powering off is not possible.
  • If possible – disconnect the power from the devices – If the device is a computer please remove the power cord from the device; if it is a laptop then remove the battery.
  • Write down known passwords, especially in the event encryption is present or the device is locked (tablet or cell phone) – Encryption and screen locks are effective ways to prevent unauthorized access, if you have this information be sure to share it so it does not delay processing
  • Be sure to have an accurate description of what you would like us to find or what type of activity you suspect has taken place on the device – Digital devices contain a plethora of information. If you have us an idea of what you suspect is going on or what you want from the device then this saves you time and money as we can concentrate our search.
  • If an owners manual is available please submit it with the device – Most devices are common and straight forward, but if not then the manual would be useful so that our team does not have to conduct research to see how the device works and stores information.
  • Include all power cords and adapters – Chargers are normally standard, but occasionally a device may have a proprietary charger. In order to not delay the forensic process please send in your power cords and adapters.

Tips for Forensic Investigators

In addition to our forensic tips for clients, any forensic investigator should also follow our tips to make sure your evidence is admissible and indisputable

  • Include a written report – A report of what you have done, what you are looking for, the reason for the investigation, and contact information with a direct number.
  • Do not be afraid of your limitations – Limitations can be budget, time, specific artifact knowledge, and resources. All of these are understandable and this is why Secure Forensics is here to help.
  • Be sure to provide any legal documentation associated with the case – Be sure to include a copy of the Search Warrant or the Consent to Search with your submission, this will ensure any evidence found is legally admissible.

What devices can I submit for a digital forensic investigation?

Computers, tablets, iDevices, hard drives, thumb drives, servers, or any storage device are the most common devices submitted for digital forensic examinations. It is possible that smart devices such as watches, home entertainment devices, and other similar devices that work with the Internet of Things (IoT) can be analyzed because they may also contain pertinent information. There are different methods where data can be extracted and we are able to help with all of them.


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