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    Richmond’s local Secure Forensics office serves digital, mobile and legal forensic needs of the city. Why Secure Forensics? Our service will help you gather the information that a traditional investigation might have missed. The authentic and reliable report we provide is easily comprehended by judges, juries and everyone else involved. Secure Forensics is here to help.
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    Authorized Drop Off Location Since our LABs may not be located near you we have teamed up and trained authorized drop-off centers to help get the process started. An authorized drop off location is a staffed center trained to intake and process your device to be sent to one of our certified labs. This location provides professional packaging and shipping service on-site.

Featured Services

It does not matter why you have chosen to contact us. Secure Forensics provides services which can help individuals and businesses alike. It’s our experienced staff which allows us to be flexible in identifying your exact computer and mobile forensic needs. We can work with you on discovering if your spouse has been unfaithful or help discover the root cause of leaked information from your company and everything in between. Our other digital and legal forensics services include:


For those in Richmond that need information analyzed and prepared for legal cases Secure Forensics is here to help. Since digital forensics is based upon science it will always be admissible and can not be cross examined.


Data breaches are on the rise in Richmond Virginia and nationwide. Have you experienced a data breach? What are your next steps to mitigate the scope of the data breach and find the responsible parties?

Providing Richmond Virginia with Digital Forensic Services


Secure Forensics is excited to provide Richmond, the capital of Virginia and it’s 223,000 residents our digital and mobile forensic services. Richmond, Virginia is home to eight Fortune 500 companies like Dominion Energy and CarMax plus many other businesses, too. With so many people always online and so connected, it is only natural that a reason for you to contact us would come up.


Commons Computer Forensic Cases We Handle in Richmond, Virginia

  • Cyberbullying and Online Harassment
  • Cheating Spouses
  • Divorce & Custody battles
  • Employee contracts
  • Corporate Espionage
  • Data Breaches & Data Breach Incident Response
  • Many More - Complete list of forensic services offered

If there is a computer forensics service which claims to be an expert and price is almost too good to be true, it’s most likely because it is. Secure Forensics is the industry leader in digital and computer forensics. We have the most computer forensic certifications and our digital forensic investigator has decades of experience, computer forensic awards, has logged over 600 hours in a courtroom and much more. We pride ourselves on providing the best services possible to our clients.


We hold the most certifications out of any firm, these include:

  • AccessData - A computer forensics toolkit which allows for efficient and court trusted data extraction from mobile and digital devices.
  • International Association of Computer Investigative Specialists (IACIS) Certified - This third party provides training and certifies us as experts in a variety of computer forensic software tools.
  • Member of the High Tech Crime Consortium (HTCC) - Connects us to other digital crime specialists who can provide us advice and share information for various cases.
  • EnCase Certified - EnCase is an advanced software tool made by Guidance Software which helps to collect information from up 25 different mobile devices, and is the most trusted in court.
  • Many more

Secure Forensics in Richmond Virginia provides you with the ability to have the upper hand in your cases by providing you with expert digital and computer forensic services. For a free phone consultation, call us at (800) 288-1407 and see for yourself why we are the industry leader.