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    Secure Forensics in Fredericksburg offers the Midlothian community digital, mobile and legal forensic services. Our advanced computer and mobile forensic tools help us find the most relevant information for any civil or criminal case. We can identify the sources of data storage, collect and preserve it, then analyze the information to provide you with a court admissible report.
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    Authorized Partner Location Since our LABs may not be located near you we have teamed up and trained retail partner locations to help get the process started. An authorized partner is a vetted and staffed technical retail store trained to intake and process your device to be sent to one of our certified labs. This location provides media removal assistance, on-demand initial diagnostics as well as professional packaging and shipping service.

Featured Services

Serving businesses and individuals alike, we provide industry leading digital and computer forensic services. Our computer forensic services are not exclusive to a specific type of person, instead, they are available to all. We are here to help you establish a digital chain of custody. This involves working with you to establish what your needs are, then, begin the process of finding the information that will win you the case. Our digital, legal and mobile forensic services include:


For those in Fredericksburg that need information analyzed and prepared for legal cases Secure Forensics is here to help. Since digital forensics is based upon science it will always be admissible and can not be cross examined.


Data breaches are on the rise in Fredericksburg Virginia and nationwide. Have you experienced a data breach? What are your next steps to mitigate the scope of the data breach and find the responsible parties?

Digital Forensic Firm located in Fredericksburg, Virginia


Home to the Spotsylvania Military Park, Fredericksburg is rich with the United States Civil War history. Fredericksburg has just over 24,000 different businesses and a residential population close to 59,000, which means that at some point, it would be natural to seek our digital forensic services out. With our certified computer forensic examiner, we can handle the most complex cases in Fredericksburg and provide simple solutions with straightforward answers.


Common Cases We Handle in Fredericksburg, Virginia


The Secure Forensics team of digital forensic and legal counsel experts are experts for a reason. We hold the most certifications in digital forensics compared to any other firm. This allows us to work with a wide range of businesses, governmental agencies, and individuals. In addition to having all major computer forensic services, we are also the most certified digital forensics service in the industry.


Our top-rated certifications and achievements include:

  • X-Ways Certified - Software which locates and collects electronically stored information in six hours or less.
  • EnCase Certified - Advanced tool that allows for quick extraction and collection of information and collects information from the most digital and mobile devices.
  • AccessData - A computer forensics toolkit which allows for efficient and court trusted data extraction from mobile and digital devices.
  • Cellebrite Physical Analyst Certified -The most ethical way to extract the information stored on mobile devices.
  • Many More

No matter the reason you are contacting us, Secure Forensics of Fredericksburg, Virginia is here to help with any of your digital, computer, legal or mobile forensic needs. Contact us today at (800) 288-1407 for a free phone consultation and allow us to better pinpoint your needs.