Franklin, TN – Computer Forensics Services

Brian Layman

Franklin Tennessee’s Leading Digital Forensics Company


Just south of Nashville, Franklins is home to various business from book publishing to record labels. This cozy town has a population near 75,000 people. When handling confidential information like music or books, it is important to have a service which can protect and backup your files. Secure Forensics is confident we can serve the entire Franklin area.


A list of our common cases:


  • Spyware and malware detection

  • Divorce & Custody Battles

  • Theft of Trade Secrets

  • Disgruntled Employees

  • Corporate Espionage

  • Many more

How do certifications help my legal case? Our certifications don’t only prove our expertise in the field of computer forensics. They also help you win your case. When a judge sees that we’ve prepared and presented the report they know that there is no third party involved which means that data is not tampered with. In fact, this strengthens and preserves our single and preserved chain of custody. Our certifications also prove the authenticity and the reliability of your report.


Our top rated digital and mobile forensic certifications include:


  • AccessData Certified – Allows for responsive network forensic abilities when data breaches occur, plus, the Forensic Tool Kit assists with many cases we handle.

  • X-Ways Software Certified – One of the main digital forensic software extraction tools allows us to quickly collect data in 6 hours or less to provide you with reports faster.

  • Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) – This certification means that our computer forensic experts undergo annual training to be ethical hackers.

  • International Association of Computer Investigative Specialists (IACIS) Certified – Provides training and courses to certify that our digital forensic team are experts in computer and mobile forensic software

  • Many more

We are the number one rated digital forensics firm for a reason. Our staff offers expert testimony and all of our reports are prepared by a licensed digital forensic expert. This will make them admissible in a court of law and the research will stand up in a cross-examination. For more information call us at (800) 288-1407.