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It’s been an honor to offer the state of South Carolina with mobile, legal and digital forensic services since 2013. With the massive increase in digital devices and internet over the last several years it is becoming more difficult for traditional investigators to stay up with the trends and to perform computer forensic tasks in the right way. Secure Forensics in South Carolina, provides our services through our office in Columbia, however, we also perform on-site, remote and in-lab digital forensic services. It’s our job to make any of your computer forensic needs as convenient and as easy as possible for you.

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What makes us different to other digital forensic firms? Compared to other digital forensic firms in South Carolina, we are unique since we never outsource any of our data extraction and perform all of it in our Class 10 ISO 4 Cleanroom. The ability to this ensure our clients that they the electronically stored information on their devices won’t be tampered with and strengthens a single chain of custody. To begin the process of how we collect your data and report on it, we first have you communicate with us what devices were used. Then, we delve deep into the devices and begin our data collection, preserve it with a copy and analyze the data. The last step is providing our clients a report which is admissible in court and easy for judges and juries to understand. A skilled computer forensic examiner can make all the difference to your case, when you choose someone who isn’t, it can result in your case being thrown out or a lack of crucial evidence that would have helped you. In addition to our excellent technology tools, we have amazing customer service representatives who are available at all times to answer questions about your case. Our list of services include:


Are you in the state of This shortcode only works on location pages. and in need of forensic services to analyze information and prepare for a legal case? Digital forensics has always been based on science and is admissible and will stand up in any court in This shortcode only works on location pages..


Residents in the state of This shortcode only works on location pages. often require a licensed private investigator. Is your spouse cheating? Do you believe an employee is actively engaging in fraud and slandering your good name?


Data Breaches are becoming more common in the state of This shortcode only works on location pages. and nationwide. Do you suspect you or your company has experienced a data breach? Do you have a plan to mitigate the scope of the data breach and track down the responsible party?

Serving South Carolina’s Computer and Digital Forensic Needs


At any given point anyone, including businesses, government agencies and individuals might require a digital forensic service. Secure Forensics in South Carolina is dedicated to providing the residents there with the tools they need for any of their litigation cases. South Carolina is a popular state for business, living and tourism. This impressive state has several acclaimed universities and is home to several fortune 500 companies. Regardless of the reason, Secure Forensics can help provide the state of South Carolina with industry leading forensic services that help with a range of cases that include cheating spouses, cyberbullying, theft of of trade secrets, disgruntled employees and everything in between.


Common computer forensic services we provide South Carolina are:

  • Computer forensic services
  • Data Recovery
  • Mobile Forensics
  • Forensic Imaging
  • DVR Recovery Services
  • On-Site Forensic Services
  • Many more

Most trusted and certified computer forensics firm


When devices are sent to us, it is the assumption that they are going to remain protected and that the information on them is going to stay confidential. To give our clients peace of mind that this assumption of their data being protected is true, we enter into non-disclosures with them. However, in addition to a non disclosure, we have specific certifications like the SSAE 18 SOC 1,2, &3 which certify our dedication to security measures in place.


We have a long list of computer forensic certifications, these include

  • International Association of Computer Investigative Specialists (IACIS) Certified - Certifies that our digital forensic team are experts in computer and mobile forensic software
  • Member of the High Tech Crime Consortium (HTCC) - Connects to a global database of digital forensic investigators and law enforcement
  • Cellebrite Physical Analyst Certified - The most advanced tool in the extraction of data from all mobile devices, including tablets, phones and more.
  • EnCase Certified - Most accepted forensic software by courts and offers quick turn around
  • Many More

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When South Carolina needs a digital and computer forensic service which will work around the clock for them, they should look no further than Secure Forensics. Contact us today for a free phone consultation at (800) 288-1407 and get your case started before it’s too late.