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Oklahoma needs a computer forensics firm that they can trust. Fortunately, Secure Forensics provides industry leading computer, mobile and digital forensic services to Oklahoma through our Tulsa office. Do you wonder if a computer forensic service is convenient? We provide flexible services for your forensic needs which include remote access to your media, on-site forensic services, and in-lab services. Our goal is to be as accessible as possible and to make sure that you have the evidence you need to have the edge in any of your civil or criminal cases.

Featured Services

Our featured services help with a variety of cases. We know that no two cases are the exact same but we provide tailored approaches to help find the information which is needed for you to win your case. Our Oklahoma computer and digital forensic experts assist with anything from insurance claims, fraud, cheating spouses and everything in between. Why would you need a digital forensic service? One example is that Oklahoma is one of the few states which divorces are still based on at-fault grounds. A computer forensic investigation can help with finding the information buried on computers which can prove that your spouse is cheating on you if there is abuse occurring or other instances that a divorce would be required. Proving your claim in a divorce is not the only benefit of a divorce, in fact, our services include many other ways to benefit you. Our Featured services include:


Are you in the state of This shortcode only works on location pages. and in need of forensic services to analyze information and prepare for a legal case? Digital forensics has always been based on science and is admissible and will stand up in any court in This shortcode only works on location pages..


Residents in the state of This shortcode only works on location pages. often require a licensed private investigator. Is your spouse cheating? Do you believe an employee is actively engaging in fraud and slandering your good name?


Data Breaches are becoming more common in the state of This shortcode only works on location pages. and nationwide. Do you suspect you or your company has experienced a data breach? Do you have a plan to mitigate the scope of the data breach and track down the responsible party?

Serving Oklahoma’s Computer Forensic Needs


Secure Forensics can provide Oklahoma’s variety of industries, 77 counties and their almost four million residents with the best in computer forensic services. Our team is capable of handling and working with every type of case and with every type of business. Oklahoma has a variety of businesses that include aviation, telecommunications, energy and more. If there is ever a time that the businesses, government agencies or residents face a problem that requires a digital forensic solution, we offer the most advanced and quickest responses. Our Oklahoma customers can have peace of mind that they made the right choice with us, thanks to our A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, and our #1 rating from We’re ready for your computer forensic needs.


In fact, we handle many different cases, these cases include:

  • Divorce and Custody Battles
  • Data Breaches and Data Breach Incident Response
  • Insurance Claims
  • Employment Contracts
  • Intellectual Property Theft
  • Disgruntled Employees
  • Theft of Trade Secrets
  • Many more

Most Trusted Digital Forensics Firm in Oklahoma

How do you decide what computer forensics service to use? It boils down to the certifications. Certifications prove that the computer forensic expert is actually an expert in this field which is ever changing. At Secure Forensics, we are the most certified digital forensic service and we can guarantee that the methodologies that we employ collect the most relevant information and that your digital evidence will be preserved and not damaged. How else are we the industry best? We preserve your evidence with a single chain of custody, too, since we don’t use third parties for data recovery. In fact, everything is handled in our certified ISO 4 Class 10 Cleanroom.


Our computer forensic certifications include:

  • EnCase Software - Allows for identification of endpoints, which in return, can help with many network forensic cases.
  • High Tech Crime Consortium (HTCC) Member - This connects us to a global database of cybercrime law enforcement who provide and share information related to digital crimes.
  • X-Ways Software - Software that allows us to collect data quickly so we can provide you reports faster.
  • Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) - To protect against hackers, we have to be trained to think like them. Being a certified ethical hacker means we can help stop hackers in their tracks.
  • International Association of Computer Investigative Specialists (IACIS) - Governing computer forensic third party which certifies computer forensic examiners as experts in their craft.
  • Cellebrite Physical Analyst Certified - We can extract the information from a variety of mobile devices to find the hidden digital breadcrumbs that paint the entire picture.
  • Many more

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Secure Forensics in Oklahoma works around the clock to deliver you with the results you’ll need for any civil or criminal litigation case. Contact our customer service team today at (800) 288-1407 for more information, they can be reached 24 hours, seven days a week, 365 days a year.