Digital Forensics Services in North Carolina

Digital and Computer Forensic Service in North Carolina

We’ve provided industry-leading digital, computer and mobile forensic services to the state of North Carolina since 2013. To make our services convenient for everyone, we have four offices located throughout the state in Greenville, Raleigh, Ashville, and Charlotte. We knew that we could provide digital and computer forensic services that would set a new industry standard and give our clients an edge in their civil or criminal cases. We’re dedicated to providing North Carolina with the best computer forensic services regardless if you are an individual or a large corporation.

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Featured Services

The standard computer user and even law enforcement or lawyers don’t always have the proper tools and knowledge to assist with securing digital evidence. However, North Carolina’s Secure Forensics office is more than capable of handling the needs of the entire state through advanced digital forensic software and a staff that has decades of experience. Digital footprints can often lead to the truth. To get to the root of any case, we start by identifying the devices used where there is electronically stored information. We’ll continue with the collection the information of the device and preserve it by making a digital forensic image. Then, we’ll analyze the data, and once we have found the most relevant information we will prepare and present a court admissible report. In fact, our digital forensic expert can also provide expert witness testimony for any of your cases. Our services which can help you with any of your digital and computer forensic needs are:

Serving North Carolina’s Computer Forensic Needs


Secure Forensics is confident in our abilities to offer the state of North Carolina with industry-leading computer forensic services. North Carolina is a trading hub because of it’s access to the Atlantic ocean. The state features a wonderful climate which attracts thousands of tourists each year even more new residents to the state. Our services are available to everyone, businesses, and individuals regardless of why they are choosing our services. One misconception is the digital forensics is specifically for solving cybercrimes. In fact, a digital forensics investigation can provide a majority of benefits for the businesses and residents of North Carolina since the cases we commonly handle range from cheating spouses, cyberbullying, theft of trade secrets and everything in between.


Computer Forensic Services We Provide Include:

  • Computer Forensic Services - Allows us to find or recover evidence which might have been tampered with or deleted
  • Mobile Forensics - Unlocking areas on devices to extract vital information that you need for your case
  • Forensic Imaging - Copy of the data in question for preserving an analyzing
  • DVR Recovery Services - Allows recovery of video evidence which could have been intentionally destroyed or tampered with
  • On-Site Forensic Services - We will travel to wherever you when sending devices or data to us is not a possibility
  • Many more

Trustworthy and Most Certified Computer Forensics Firm


Secure Forensics has an A+ rating from the BBB, is TRUSTe Certified and many more, however, it is our computer forensic certifications which set us apart and put us at the last of the pack. North Carolina’s Secure Forensics team is the most certified in the industry. We undergo string and rigorous audits to maintain our expertise in the craft of the software tools we employ for accessing your data. Our goal is to make sure that our North Carolina clients have reliable information that is admissible and tenable in court. To do this, our certifications include.

  • Member of the High Tech Crime Consortium (HTCC) - Connects to a global database of digital forensic investigators and law enforcement
  • International Association of Computer Investigative Specialists (IACIS)
  • Certified - Certifies that our digital forensic team are experts in computer and mobile forensic software
  • Cellebrite Physical Analyst Certified -Advanced mobile device data extraction tool
  • EnCase Certified - Most accepted forensic software by courts and allows for quick and reliable data extraction from devices.
  • Many More

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It’s an amazing race to search for the digital artifacts which help paint a portrait of the online life one leads.
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