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Secure Forensics in New Jersey has been assisting with the state’s digital, legal, and computer forensic needs since 2013. We have three convenient locations in West Berlin, Fair Lawn, and East Brunswick New Jersey to serve your computer forensic needs. When you can’t reach us, we provide both remote and on-site forensics services. Our New Jersey digital forensic team will be able to work on any case, from anywhere to identify your devices uses, collect the data, preserve the data and analyze it. Our reports give New Jersey businesses and individuals alike the advantage they need with any civil or criminal court case they might encounter.

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Featured Services

Our New Jersey team are experts in digital and computer forensics and we work around the clock to provide you with industry-leading services. Every case our team handles is different and poses its own set of challenges, but they are capable of handling it and works on a variety of cases which include divorce, corporate espionage, disgruntled employees and everything in between. How do you choose the right digital forensics company? Look for the certifications and their team’s experience, the certifications prove a firm’s expertise in computer forensic software tools and their commitment to the craft which helps you win your case. Why a computer forensics firm? One example would be divorce. In New Jersey, divorce cases are both no-fault and fault. An at-fault divorce in New Jersey would benefit from our computer forensic services and show if there has been adultery, mental and physical cruelty or other irreconcilable differences. Digital Forensics is a process and a science which requires us to identify the devices used, collect the information, preserve the information with digital forensic imaging and analyze the data. Our data collection takes no longer than six hours and within 2-4 weeks we’ll have a report that judges and juries can understand. Our services are tailored for you, and they include:


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Providing Illinois with Digital and Computer Forensic Services


New Jersey is a multifaceted economy and deserves a computer forensics firm which can keep up with them. Within the state alone, the population continues to grow with over nine million people who live there. The various sectors of business include the pharmaceutical industry, financial institutes, publishing and much more. Secure Forensics can provide our computer forensic services to all industries and residents alike. We cover a wide range of topics and cases which can include cyberbullying, cheating spouses, theft of trade secrets and corporate spying plus everything in between. Complex problems deserve simple straightforward solutions. Secure Forensics can provide New Jersey with services that help speed up any litigation process and provide the information needed to give anyone an edge in their case.


Common Computer Forensic Services we Provide to New Jersey Are:

  • Computer Forensic Services - Recovery of deleted or damaged files to provide evidence that is admissible in court
  • DVR Recovery Services - Recovery of video evidence which could have been intentionally destroyed or tampered with
  • Mobile Forensics - Extraction of data on mobile devices by unlocking the hidden parts on phones, tablets and more to provide vital information that you need for your case
  • Forensic Imaging - Copy of the data in question for preserving an analyzing
  • On-Site Forensic Services - We will travel to wherever you when sending devices or data to us is not a possibility
  • Many more

#1 Computer Forensics firm in New Jersey


Today, judges and juries are not just expecting there be digital evidence to back a claim, they are starting to require it. The digital forensic reports that we provide stand up in court and any cross-examination that might ensue. Secure Forensics in New Jersey is the most certified digital forensics firm. This means that we are certified in industry-leading software that helps pinpoint the most relevant information and do it in six hours or less. A lack of digital evidence or damaged digital artifacts can significantly hurt your chances at winning your case, Secure Forensics follows strict protocols to make sure this doesn’t happen.


Our digital and computer forensic certifications include:

  • Cellebrite Physical Analyst Certified - Advanced mobile device data extraction tool for extraction and discovering the evidence within mobile devices which includes phones, tablets and more.
  • Member of the High Tech Crime Consortium (HTCC) - Connects to a global database of digital forensic investigators and law enforcement
  • AccessData Certified - This advanced computer forensic software allows for us to analyze mass collections of data, discover endpoints and reduce risks for our clients.
  • EnCase Certified - Most accepted forensic software by courts and allows for our provided reports to go unquestioned by defense attorneys.
  • International Association of Computer Investigative Specialists (IACIS) Certified - Certifies that our digital forensic teams are experts in computer and mobile forensic software techniques, knowledge and extraction
  • Cellebrite Physical Analyst Certified - Advanced mobile device data extraction tool
  • Many More

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We trace the clues and follow the trail of digital breadcrumbs to provide New Jersey with answers that are contained within their digital devices. Contact us today for a free phone consultation at (800) 288-1407 and we will provide you with our industry-leading services and get you the answers you need.