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Secure Forensics in New Hampshire has been providing the state with industry-leading digital, computer, mobile and legal forensic services since 2013. For your convenience, we have an office located in the great city of Portsmouth. However, if you are not located near Portsmouth we also offer our on-site and remote forensic abilities to conduct our investigations. What sets us apart is that we always put our customers first, and won’t stop until we have discovered the evidence required for the reports you need. We can help with many cases that the 1.3 million people and almost 300,000 businesses of New Hampshire, might go through. These include cheating spouses, theft of trade secrets and everything in between.

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We start the conversation of your forensic needs by identifying the devices that you use, then, we’ll collect the information, preserve it with a copy, and examine what information is the most relevant to your case. Are you concerned you won’t understand what any of it means? That’s okay, our digital forensic expert has decades of experience and will break down the technical jargon into a language you, judges and juries can understand. Our goal is to make your litigation process easier for you so that you can save time and money. We work with both civil and criminal court cases, which can include marriage litigation. While New Hampshire is a no-fault state for divorce, it is possible to file for an at-fault divorce. An at-fault divorce can be more complicated, but with a digital forensic investigation, examination, and extraction of the evidence to prove your claim and case will make it easier. Some reasons for an at-fault divorce filing would be for custody of children, alimony and more. No two cases are the same, however, our team can work with businesses, governmental agencies and individuals alike and provide everyone with the same level and quality of service. We’ll help you stay out of the woods with our services, which include:


Are you in the state of This shortcode only works on location pages. and in need of forensic services to analyze information and prepare for a legal case? Digital forensics has always been based on science and is admissible and will stand up in any court in This shortcode only works on location pages..


Residents in the state of This shortcode only works on location pages. often require a licensed private investigator. Is your spouse cheating? Do you believe an employee is actively engaging in fraud and slandering your good name?


Data Breaches are becoming more common in the state of This shortcode only works on location pages. and nationwide. Do you suspect you or your company has experienced a data breach? Do you have a plan to mitigate the scope of the data breach and track down the responsible party?

Offering New Hampshire Computer Forensic Services


Secure Forensics serves the New Hampshire community and their 10 counties with our computer forensic services. We work around the clock for the residents of New Hampshire because we know that electronically stored information (ESI) is highly volatile and more often than not, on a strict timeline. We employ the latest software to ensure that we can get the reports and information you need to meet your deadlines. Your personal needs and your business's reputation and information matter to us. It’s a collaborative effort on our part to work with you and help get the evidence you need for your case.


Featured Services in New Hampshire

  • Computer Forensics
  • Mobile Phone Forensics
  • Digital Forensic Imaging
  • On-Site Forensic Services
  • Remote Forensic Services
  • Many more

Most Certified Digital Forensics Firm in New Hampshire


The livelihood, business, and reputations of those in New Hampshire are important to us, which is why we help secure the information in detailed computer forensic reports to help you keep it. Secure Forensics is the most certified computer and digital forensics service which means that we are the most reliable and the most trustworthy. A lack of digital evidence or damaged digital evidence can significantly hurt your case in the long run. Our team goes through rigorous protocols each year to certify their skills in the software used and their techniques preserve your data in its purest and original form to ensure the highest level of accuracy.


Our digital forensic certifications include:

  • International Association of Computer Investigative Specialists (IACIS) Certified - Training organization which certifies us as experts in multiple computers and mobile forensic software
  • Guidance Software - A great addition to data breach incident response and discovery of endpoint devices to provide earlier detection and faster decisions
  • AccessData - Provides our team tools to analyze computers, mobile devices, and network communications which can help with data breaches and incident response plus much more.
  • Member of the High Tech Crime Consortium (HTCC) - Connects us to a database of law enforcement that specialize in digital forensics
  • Cellebrite Physical Analyst Certified -Advanced mobile device data extraction tool
  • EnCase Certified - Most accepted forensic software by courts
  • Many More

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Secure Forensics in New Hampshire is here to make any litigation easier and to provide you with all of the information you need to give you an advantage in court. It is important to contact us as soon as possible at (800) 288-1407 for a free phone consultation, we will best asses your needs and find a service and timeline that works for you.