St. Louis, MO – Computer Forensics Services

Brian Layman

Digital Forensics Service Located in St. Louis, Missouri.


St. Louis Missouri is Home to ten Fortune 500 companies, which include Edward Jones Investments, Emerson Electric, Monsanto and more. The large amount of data that is transferred in and out of the city means that there is a possibility for a data breach and other cyber security problems. Our digital and computer forensics team are experts at investigating and mitigating data breaches and any other cyber security issues you might be experiencing. We are also adept enough to handle any forensics situation, such as a cheating spouse and intellectual property theft or anything in between. Mobile devices such as tablets and phones also carry a large amount of information, and even if a user believes they have hidden their tracks and deleted information our mobile phone forensic investigators can reveal the truth and get to the bottom of the events that transpired.


Our services we provide and the cases we work on include:


  • Computer forensic services

  • Theft of trade secrets

  • Employee contracts

  • Cyberbullying and online harassment

  • Intellectual property theft cases

  • Many more

It’s important to maintain and update the digital chain of custody every step of the way. With every task performed our team updates their form. However, each task performed requires the necessary softwares and the certifications in these softwares is crucial. In fact, our team was given the A+ grade from the Better Business Bureau for always exceeding the expectations and providing the best service.


We hold the most certifications out of any digital forensics team


  • X-Ways software – ensures steps of the process are repeatable

  • Only firm to have the SSAE 18 SOC 1,2, 3 certification – We adhere to the strictest computer forensic protocols

  • TRUSTe Verified

  • Member of the High Tech Crime Consortium (HTCC) – Global partnership of law enforcement who specialize in digital forensics

  • Many more

We know you’re busy, connected and constantly moving. We also know how important your privacy is to you and why you need to work on keeping it. Don’t hesitate to call us for a free phone consultation at (800) 288-1407 and get your case started. We have the tools, solutions and team to back you up and deliver the solutions you need to reclaim your life.