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Digital and Computer Forensic Service in Missouri

In 2013, Secure Forensics of Missouri launched a revolutionary way to handle the plethora of reasons why someone would need a computer, digital, mobile and legal forensic investigation. Our office in Missouri is located in St. Louis but we have on-site and remote forensic abilities to take any case, from anywhere in Missouri. We knew that we could provide digital forensic services that would be the best in the industry and give our clients the advantages they need in any civil or criminal case. We have a wide range of cases we can handle from divorce cases to corporate espionage and everything in between. We’re dedicated to providing Missouri with the best computer forensic services.

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A traditional investigation scratches the surface, but with a Secure Forensics digital investigation, we dive deep, find the digital clues and get you answers that will give your case the advantage you need. How can a computer forensics service help with cases like divorce in what is considered a no-fault state? Missouri is technically a modified no-fault state and infidelity can affect the outcome of your case. A digital forensic investigation can retrieve data that is thought to be hidden within a mobile or digital device. After the data is extracted, we sift through it and find information which can back infidelity claims in a divorce. Divorce is just one civil dispute which we handle. Other cases we work on include corporate espionage; data breaches; cyber-bullying and everything in between. Our digital investigation process includes identifying tech devices used, then we collect the evidence from the devices, preserve the information through digital forensic imaging, analyze the data and present you a report. Our reports help you in court since they unscramble the technical jargon into language judges and juries can understand. In addition, we also offer in-person expert court testimonies. Our other services include:


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Providing Computer Forensic Services to Missouri


Secure Forensics provides our industry-leading computer and digital forensic services to all 114 counties in Missouri. Missouri is a state which has over six million residents and the 18th most populated state in the United States. With many forested areas, Missouri also offers a thriving business climate and is home to biotech giant Monsanto. We are confident in our abilities and know that we can serve the computer forensic needs of businesses, government agencies and individuals alike in Missouri. Our goal is to deliver you expertly tailored plans of action for straightforward solutions to complex problems. In fact, if you can’t send your devices to us, we offer the convenience to work on your case on site, or remotely, too.


The services we offer the state of Missouri are:

  • Computer forensic services
  • Data Recovery
  • Mobile ForensicsForensic Imaging
  • DVR Recovery Services
  • On-Site Forensic Services
  • Many more

Most Trusted Computer Forensics Firm in Missouri


It’s becoming more common for judges to require digital proof to help support a case. There is one problem with this though, most people are not skilled or trained enough to properly extract and find digital evidence. Digital evidence is highly volatile and can degrade quickly. If you choose a person who claims to be a digital forensic expert but is not, they can cause irreparable damage which hurts your case. The solution is Secure Forensics. We have the software, skillset, and knowledge to perform and accomplish the tasks at an expert level. Because of our certifications and the software we use for data extraction, our reports are admissible in court and often go unquestioned.


We Hold the Most Computer Forensic Certifications in Missouri, these include:

  • EnCase Software- Allows for us to quickly and effectively extract data from devices to assemble reports. The evidence this tool provides is the most accepted in court.
  • High Tech Crime Consortium (HTCC) Member - This connects us with a global database of digital forensic experts if we need assistance with certain cases
  • AccessData - A computer forensics toolkit which allows for efficient and court trusted data extraction from mobile and digital devices.
  • Cellebrite Physical Analyst Certified - Means we are advanced in data collection off of mobile devices
  • International Association of Computer Investigative Specialists (IACIS) - Provides training in digital forensic software and certifies that we are experts in the tools we use.
  • X-Ways - Quickly gathers your data from your devices in six hours or less for timely reporting.
  • Many more

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Missouri is a state that deserves a computer forensics service to be there when they need us for many different reasons. When digital evidence can degrade quickly, it is crucial to contact us immediately at (800) 288-1407 for your digital forensic needs.